War of the Gods Audiobook (The Network Saga, Book 4) [PREORDER]

War of the Gods Audiobook (The Network Saga, Book 4) [PREORDER]

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Coming October 7th, 2022

Written and Narrated by Katie Cross.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Protective Witch.

Bianca Monroe knows one thing: no god or demigod is going to destroy her forest. 

Letum Wood is under her protection. 

When demigods and gods antagonize Alkarra, she's not about to step back and let Tontes take control. Natural disasters, unexpected challenges, and crushing god magic threatens to tear apart her home. 

The livid gods aren't going to let her thwart them again. Alkarra is under siege, and there's only one plan that will stop Tontes from winning everything. 

Can Bianca accept her role in the plan? 

Or will her attempts to keep Alkarra safe be the very thing that allows the to gods win?

War of the Gods is the fourth book in the Network Saga. This series-culminating story will sweep you away with epic magic and wild places.

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Powerful in so many ways

Read by the author, Katie Cross.

The Gods are coming in this fourth book in the Network Saga.

The gods want Alkarra for their own and they aren’t going to let anything stop them from having it.

Can Alkarra be successfully defended from the gods’ indomitable powers? Will Bianca be able to save the ones she loves?