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Clean Sweep | Paperback Edition

Clean Sweep | Paperback Edition

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The eighth book in
The Coffee Shop Series


The last thing I ever asked for was a divorce. 

Four amazing boys, one awesome life, and one failed marriage later, I’m smack dab in the middle of my forties with nowhere to go. 

Talk about unexpected. 

Then again, romance has always let me down.

While juggling my newfound career responsibilities, I reach out for help in the only way I know how: a housekeeper. 

Someone’s gotta clean this house and it hasn’t been me lately. 
When I meet Tanner, he’s not what I’m expecting. I can tell he feels the same way.

And suddenly, the world looks a whole lot different than I expected.


There’s something cathartic about running a house cleaning company, but when my two employees quit to elope together and start a new life in Las Vegas, I’m stuck scrubbing other people’s houses. 

Not my dream job, but not so bad either.

When a desperate woman calls to beg me for some help, the last thing I expect is the torrential disaster that I run into. Turns out, there’s a bigger mess here than just days-old cereal on the counters.

Four boys + single mom + new divorce = I got this. 

Turns out, I need Leslie more than she needs me. When our two worlds collide, the fallout isn’t what I expected.

CLEAN SWEEP is a clean, contemporary romance (but not religious) with a little sizzle and spice  and a guaranteed happily-ever-after. It’s the eighth book in the Coffee Shop Series. This book can be read as a standalone, but maximum enjoyment comes from reading the series from the beginning.

Customer Reviews

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Leslie and Tanner….wow

Loved the story, the Mom in me hopes to be as cool as Leslie! Hahaha Again, I love how each story in this series is so unique! I must wish I could go down the road with each of her kids and see how their lives move forward hahaha and then come back and keep on this one. Loved this book! Thank you Katie for another awesome book! Need/Want to know more about Celest! Will her future involve any of the Miller boys?!

Such a beautiful story. Just fabulous.

Leslie has four sons and works at the Frolicking Moose as the manager. Only one son lives at home now but her eldest has just given her some crazy news. He is bringing home a fiancee when they have only known each other for four weeks. Leslie needs someone to come and clean her house as she hates cleaning. She calls on Tanner's cleaning service. Gorgeous silver-fox Tanner. What she doesn't know is that Tanner himself ends up cleaning the house and he does an absolutely fantastic job. Tanner has a seventeen-year-old daughter called Celeste who goes to high school with Leslie's son Blake. Leslie and Celeste know each other very well as she goes to the coffee shop of an afternoon to do her homework while waiting for Tanner to pick her up. Tanner and Celeste end up being at the lunch with Leslie and her boys when another bomb is dropped. A double whammy you might say but there is still something Leslie doesn't know. A huge secret still to come. A terrible diagnosis. A very ill young woman. Oh no! An argument. Christmas. A huge reunion. Kisss. Hot kisses. What does it all mean? A beautiful wedding. And love.

Jane Olinick
I’m Hooked

I’m only 26% of the way through this book and there are a few tears sparkling in my eyes. I think this is going to be a good one. I already love the characters and the situations, all happening in a little town in the mountains. The lead female character manages a funky coffee shop.
Katie Cross books are so well written. Her Coffee Shop series are written from both the female and male point of view. The dichotomy makes the story so much more interesting.