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Lovesick | Paperback

Lovesick | Paperback

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When love and logic collide.

The Second Book in the Coffee Shop Series.


There’s one thing I’m absolutely convinced of: romance is real, and true love is a force for good in the world.

I have 957 paperback romance novels in my attic bedroom that prove it.

When my world crashes down around me and JJ Bailey shows up, he lays down the ultimate challenge: prove romance is real. The fact that JJ thinks romance is a farce only makes me more determined to prove him wrong.

Romance is real and love saves the day.

Hold my spreadsheets.


Life has gotten kind of stagnant. Then Lizbeth literally crashes into my world with her ideas of storybook romance and love. Her silky red hair drives me to distraction.

What the hell is a meet-cute anyway?

Romance does not save the world. I’ve been there. Failed at that. My parents divorce has convinced me that not even love can survive real life. Perpetual bachelorhood looks pretty safe to me.

Except Lizbeth is determined to help me see the light of love. I’m not about to let her win our little challenge, because I know the truth.

Forget her books. I’ll show her that romance is a construct, and love hurts.

LOVESICK is the second novel in the Coffee Shop series.
This is a clean, standalone (second in series) contemporary romance with sizzle and spice—but no sex scenes.
Guaranteed bantering and happily ever after.

Customer Reviews

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Debbie K
What is Romance to You?

Welcome back! Each of Katie's Coffee Shop series books can be read as a stand alone. However, it's fun to read the story and already know a few of the characters. Lizbeth is searching for romance and is sure she will know it when it comes along. But will she? She and JJ both have pasts that they need to face and come to terms with. Will she get past his tough exterior? Will he win the debate about whether or not romance is even a real thing? Jump in and read for yourself and get caught up in this great story!

Jane Olinick
A Romantic Romance

I love reading books written by Katie Cross. She writes in several different genres. I tend to read mostly fantasy type books: magic and dragons but decided to try The Coffee Shop Series. Now I’m hooked.
Lovesick is is a story that could almost be real. Lovable characters falling for each other, drama, (I cried), happiness. There is also character development that ties in with the first book of the series Coffee Shop Girl.
It’s a story that will transport you for awhile. And isn’t that the whole point?