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Protect Me | The Coffee Shop Series, Book 9 | Paperback

Protect Me | The Coffee Shop Series, Book 9 | Paperback

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The ninth book in
The Coffee Shop Series


There are three rules I implemented five years ago that govern my safety around men.

1. Never alone. 

2. Never stranded. 

3. Never unaware.

In those five years, I've never broken those rules. Not once. Because I will not be a fool again. 

Then I do break those rules—willingly—to help the older brother of my best friend, Vikram. Vikram is trouble. Has always been trouble. 

Charming, a little arrogant, and flighty as a bird when it comes to women. I spent half my childhood adoring him, half crying over him. 

Yet he's always had my heart. 

Six years after last seeing him is no exception.


My parents say I'm a mess. I agree.

When a knee surgery goes wrong, things get ugly. What kind of woman would ever want to stay by my side when I can barely cope with the day-to-day of recovery? 

None of them. 

Which is why I've never tried.

There's only one person at my side when I need her the most: Katelyn Saucony. The last woman I ever expected to see there. 

Maybe the one that I've always wanted there.

She has secrets to hide, and when those secrets come back to life and threaten her safety, I'm forced to reckon with my own ghosts. 

For her, I finally find someone worth fighting for. 

Protect Me is a clean, contemporary romance (but not religious) with a little sizzle and spice  and a guaranteed happily-ever-after. It’s the eighth book in the Coffee Shop Series. This book can be read as a standalone, but maximum enjoyment comes from reading the series from the beginning.

Customer Reviews

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Another fantastic story in this brilliant series

Katelyn works at the Frolicking Moose. She receives a call from her best friend in New York. Her brother, Vikram, is missing. Katelyn goes to his home after phone calls and texts receive no reply. Surgery. Painful surgery. An infection. Katleyn has a terrible past. Rules. Must keep to them. A phone call. Absolute horror. Scared. Watching. Loved him since she was ten years old. No home now. Where to live. An offer. Can she accept it? What an absolutely wonderful story and an extremely sensitive subject was dealt with very well. Warning of a huge trigger in this story.

Tugs in all the right places...

Straight up, this is a great read, tugs in all the right places and left me feeling satisfied.
Even though Protect Me can be read as a stand alone romance novel, for me, who has read all the Coffeeshop Series it was like coming home. Revisiting the merry idiots together in the gorgeous Mountain town of Pineville, seeing the vulnerable and sensitive side to Vikram and watching Katelyn trying to reclaim her life and empowerment is a journey Katie, the author has crafted beautifully.
Protect Me is a love story worth reading.

Lindsy Evans
Another page turner!

I loved this book! Read if in a day. Ugh such a good story of life struggles and love and fate. ❤️