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Shy Girl | Paperback

Shy Girl | Paperback

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The Fifth Book in the Coffee Shop Series


Once upon a time, I thought my stutter was the worst thing that ever happened to me. But now I know better.

Being held at gunpoint outranks a speech impediment any day.

Thankfully, my longtime crush Jayson Hernandez tackled that problem to the ground with those broad shoulders—the ones that make my stutter oh-so-much-worse.

As if he hasn’t held my heart in his strong, capable hands ever since I adored him from the shadows in high school. Or every day he comes into the coffee shop with a new date. Or each time he shoots me a friendly smile that makes my toes curl.

Then he proposes something so insane it’s my heart that starts to stutter. And I can’t turn him down, even though I want to.

Because there’s a part of me that still believes I’m Cinderella too. And oh, how I want him to realize he’s Prince Charming after all. 


My friends are the best guys anyone could ask for. They’ve always had my back. Except . . . they’re pretty hard to impress.

The last thing I want to do is let them down, especially when the first of our group of four is getting married. I can’t show up to that wedding by myself, but I don’t have anyone to take with me that could gain their approval.

Enter Dagny Taylor.

She’s quiet, reads people like a book, and isn’t afraid to say it like it is—when I can get her to talk, that is. I’ve done some pretty wild things in my life, but now I’m about to do the craziest thing yet. Because there’s a princess hiding beneath that thick armor, and I can’t wait to find her.

That is . . . if she’ll let me.

SHY GIRL is the fifth book in the Coffee Shop Series. It can be read as a standalone, but maximum enjoyment comes from starting at the beginning. This is a sweet-but-spicy romance with no sex-scenes and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Loved Dagny!

I loved this book as much as I have enjoyed the previous books of this series… Katie Cross is an amazing writer! You are hooked from the first lines and find yourself going in this amazing adventure with Dagny, you find yourself wanting to know more about this shy girl with every new chapter and when you least expect it, you’ve read it all in a couple of days… Thnx Katie for such lovely books!

Debbie K
Wallflower Ready to Bloom

What a sweet story! I love the way Katie writes her female characters with so much girl power. We all have our weaknesses and Dagny's is her stutter (in her eyes) and her feelings for Jayson. You will find yourself cheering her on as she faces the large obstacles in her life. I love how strong she is. Will Jayson open his eyes in time to really see her? What choice will he make when an old flame pops up? I loved this book and you will too!

Fantastic story - love this series

Dagny continues to work in the coffee shop and drool over Deputy Jayson. She has drooled over him for years and years but he doesn't really know that she exists. She is also still trying to save up the money to go and find her biological father. He is the richest man in Texas. Out of the blue, Jayson invites her to a wedding to keep his abuela from trying to matchmake. The kicker for Dagney is that the wedding is for the daughter of her father. A parade of girls. A woman. A gun. A robbery. Weekly dates. Pallets. Lots of pallets. A wedding. A strange request. A beautiful island. A woman scorned. Friends. Yoga. Surf lessons. A searing kiss in the ocean. A father. An unwilling father. An agreement. A beautiful bride. What??? A wedding. Ellie is back.