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Wild Child | Paperback

Wild Child | Paperback

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The sixth book in the 
Coffee Shop Series.


Three years ago, my best friend joined the Marines without warning. Our plans of attending state university together—demolished. He left me in a world of discarded dreams. 

We haven’t spoken again. 

Now I’m twenty-years-old and ready to be known as the best outdoor guide this side of the Rocky Mountains. That sort of honor comes with experience, and I’m just about to get my chance for a dream guide.

Then Devin crashes back into my world. 

And everything falls apart again. 


I messed up once—and I lost almost everything that mattered. Ellie. My best friend. My soul. The girl I loved but didn’t have the courage to tell her. 

Now, it was time to fix the biggest mistake of my life. 

Ellie isn’t giving ground, and I can’t say that I blame her. But this time I’m not giving up. She thinks we’re done? That we can never go back and never fix what happened?

She’s wrong. 

I’m determined to make up for my mistakes and show her that we’ve only just begun.


WILD CHILD is the sixth book in the Coffee Shop Series. It can be read as a standalone, but maximum enjoyment comes from starting at the beginning. This is a sweet-but-spicy romance with no sex-scenes and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.

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Absolutely amazing story - very highly recommended

Ellie and Devin have been friends since childhood and joined at the hip. They are planning on going to college together but Devin drops a bombshell. Oh no! The Marines. Heartbreak. No interest in anyone else for the next three years. Then he reappears in a way that she cannot avoid him. Afghanistan. Memories. Have to go back. Renewing a friendship. Camping in the mountains with two strange men. Trouble. A dilapidated cabin. Something wrong. Trapped. Pixie dust. Unconscious. Fight. Fire. Escape. A confession. Lost. The boss man appears. A powerful kiss. A drug runner. Confessions. Declarations. Safe at last. Finally together.