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The Swordmaker | Historical Collection Book #2

The Swordmaker | Historical Collection Book #2

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Andrei is more than just a swordmaker. 

He's a legend.

Members of the legendary silkmaking clan in the Southern Network understand one thing: the clan keeps the Sirilas magic in balance by obedience to its rules, and the Sirilas magic keeps them alive. 

When loyal, steady future Guide to the Clan Andrei Kuzmin finds a sword that stands in his way to ease and prosperity—quite literally—he's shoved out of his stable world and into a new magic. 

A magic that doesn't care about the requirements of the Sirilas magic. 

While Andrei grapples to rid himself of the meddlesome sword, a new foe enters the stage. Alek Popov, High Priest to the Southern Network, a witch hungry for the well-kept secrets of the silkmaking magic. 

Can Andrei keep both magicks happy while forging the path required of him? 

Or will Andrei's faltering loyalty destroy the clan from the very center? 

THE SWORDMAKER is the second novel in the Historical Collection. This thrilling story will sweep you away to the arctic lands of the Southern Network, where magic teems and mysteries abound.

Customer Reviews

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Carroll Schnabel
The back story of Viveet

Katie Cross weaves a tapestry of historical figures in the main books
She embellished the story of the sword with this book about the blacksmith!
Recommend her books to anyone looking for a good book

Shirley Baker
Great Book!

I love all of Katie's books, but this one was outstanding! I like how she built the characters and how real they were. And she left room for more! Thanks Katie!

Carol Long
A Sword??

What a great book!! The Sirilas magic is strong, the sword will not leave him alone, and that other magic....what is it?? Andrei is torn between a confirmed love and a new love - will it destroy him or make him even stronger?? You won't regret finding out!!!

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Brad Yandt
You will need a jacket

In my mind, I was trying to figure out how Katie Cross would start the movie series of her books. This is the one. I found the tone and temperament of the writing changed to meet the challenges that Andrei faced in his frozen town. The character and scene development is fabulous. I feel cold reading about Andrei’s quests to become the swordmaker, a key figure that allows Bianca to be successful in her quest because of his abilities. Love the book.

Jean-Maire Cole
Great Book

I loved this 2nd book in the historical series. We get to meet the first Andrei and learn how the Ensis magic came to him. I loved watching Andrei grow into his new roles and seeing how he overcame the obstacles in his way. Katie Cross, once again magically brought Andrei to life for me in a way that I understood how difficult his choices were and agonized with him and then experienced his elation on the things that were successful.