The Plummet | Short Story #2

The Plummet | Short Story #2

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You wanted more Merrick? 

Brace yourself.

THE PLUMMET is a short story that takes place during ALKARRA AWAKENING and THE HIGH PRIEST'S DAUGHTER.

Only this time, it's from Merrick's perspective.

Watch Merrick fall hard for our favorite forest wild child in this epic tale, THE PLUMMET.

You'll never be the same again.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Andy Gonzalez
Merrick 😍

It is no secret I Looooooove Merrick and getting to see more of him is awesome! But it is also nice to see how the things I thought might be going on, inside one of my fav characters mind, was right in some cases and way off in others hahaha I loved getting to know him a bit more… great book! But, must be read after The High Priest’s Daughter to avoid spoilers…

Kim Jones
Love story

This is Merrick and Bianca’s ‘love’ story from his perspective. Just what we want - more Merrick! You’ll love him even more.