The Prequels Paperback Collection

The Prequels Paperback Collection

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Get ready for WAR OF THE GODS with these stunning short stories.

This exclusive paperback edition includes four short stories designed to be read before WAR OF THE GODS. 

1. The Sister

2. The School

3. The Council

4. The Goddess

Readers that want a little more background to the current events in Alkarra before WAR OF THE GODS will I love this collection.

Customer Reviews

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So fun...

Katie's crams so much to devour even in a short story, she pulls me into Alkarra so easily with her fun and magic storytelling. And as I learn more about the characters, the magic, and all things Alkarra, I always want even more. Which Katie keeps excited about these prequels

Get Ready!

So many things going on in Alkarra! These great stories give you some background of our beloved witches. You will really enjoy getting a sneak peek into their stories. They lay a path for the next big story War of the Gods which you won't want to miss. Learn about Merrick's sister, what has become of Miss Mabel's school, the questions and fears of Alkarra's network councils and what that pesky goddess Prana is up to. It's all here for you to enjoy!