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The Forgotten Gods | Book 7 in The Network Series
The Forgotten Gods | Book 7 in The Network Series
The Forgotten Gods | Book 7 in The Network Series

The Forgotten Gods | Book 7 in The Network Series

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Never Underestimate the Power of a Distant Witch.

Bianca Monroe has one goal in mind when she heads to the land of the gods: convince the god of fire, Ignis, to take his magic back.

How hard could it be?

Yet, Alaysia is not what she expected. 

In fact, it's better. 

While Bianca battles rogue demigods and new magic, the god of fire whispers promises of eternal power, easy magic, and the salvation of Alkarra. Treachery thrives at every hand in the land of the gods, leaving her unsure who to trust.

Meanwhile, one questions plagues her daily: should she give loyalty to the god of fire that resides with in her? 

Or to the goddess she doesn't know? 

The Forgotten Gods is the seventh book in the Network Series. This tale of epic magic and wild places will sweep you to a whole new world—the land of the gods—while it takes your breath away.

Customer Reviews

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Another World - Because Alkarra Wasn't Enough

No spoilers here. Keep reading and allow me to tempt you into reading this book!

It was time to make find what all the fuss was about with the gods was all about. Bianca was just the right witch to tackle this adventure!
If you think you know what Bianca Monroe is going to do next - or that she would even consider shying away from a challenge...keep reading and get ready to have your socks knocked off again.


I love reading Katie Cross's books. The characters are well written with so much depth. I can see me living in her world!

Sushmita Srikant
The power of the Gods will never be Forgotten after this book!

I had put this book in the backburner till I finished the Derek & Regina novellas. I knew how this book ended but the journey of how Bianca flexes her Godmagic is quite powerful and the suspense of whether she is a force to be reckoned with is definitely worth reading about. We are transported into beautiful Alaysia this time and I absolutely loved every part of it and getting to know the "Good" and mal Gods.

The Good Gods!!!

I just finished The Forgotten Gods and I have goosebumps!!! Katie is an amazing storyteller and as always I am transported right to the scene of every story! I felt as if I was an invisible sidekick to Bianca, Baxter and Ava. And oh the plot twists were absolutely perfect! I can honestly say I am both excited for and broken hearted for the next book - The War of the Gods as I can’t wait to see what happens next, but don’t want the series to end. I look forward to some very smart entertainment company buying the movie options and seeing this entire story played out on the big screen!!!

Wow- just WOW

I couldn't put it down. These gods will NOT be forgotten any longer!! You won't regret the time or money spent on this book!!