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6th Novella "AVA" is now "PRANA"

So . . . here's the deal. 

When it comes to writing, the stories are in charge . . . not me. No matter how much I may want to shape them a certain way, it never works. 

Which leads me to AVA. 

I've been contemplating, plotting, and planning this story for weeks. Nay, months. When I sat down to write it, Prana, goddess of the sea, literally just TOOK OVER. The entire story? 


My progress stalled. My interest in the story as it happened in my head began to shift, because as Prana's story became more clear, OTHER books changed. Those changes? 

Changed AVA. 

(This is why I first draft everything before I make big decisions!)

Which leads me to why you're here now. 

Instead of forcing AVA into something the story is not, I decided to let PRANA have her way. I mean, you don't get in the way of the goddess of the sea. You just let her go. 

Since Prana is insistent, we're going to tell her story. 

Frankly, it's more fun anyway, because now you'll get ALL THE DEETS on the goddeses. 

If you're someone looking forward to the background behind Ava, don't worry. All of that will still be manifest—just through Prana's eyes. You'll understand the back story in a far deeper way, and your view of the goddeses will increase all your understanding. 

If you have any questions? 

Just email me at katie@kcrosswriting.com.