Leda (Novella #10 in the Network Series) | Audiobook

Leda (Novella #10 in the Network Series) | Audiobook

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Never Underestimate the Power of an Assistant. 

Written and Narrated by Katie Cross.

If there's one thing that Assistant to the High Priestess Leda is not going to talk about, it's the death of her best friend, Camille. 

Sure, it's been more than three years since Camille died. Why should that matter? Leda has moved on—she had to—but that doesn't mean she's going to talk about it. 

When Bianca returns from Alaysia nearly dead, her careful control of her emotions turns upside down. 

Leda's forced to reckon with the ghosts she's been avoiding all these years. Holding other witches at arms length, forgetting to enjoy herself, and refusing to make more friends suddenly doesn't seem like the best path forward.

But how to change?

Help comes from expected places. 


The wily Defender seems to know just what to do, and how to help, to dissolve guards that's she's jealously guarded for years.

Can Leda open up to a bright new future by letting go of the old one? 

Or does she let herself drown in shadows and fear? 

LEDA is the tenth novella in the Network Series. This tearjerking story will brush out the cobwebs of your heart and bring you back into the sunshine again.

Customer Reviews

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Give this one a Listen!

If you think you know Leda, you better listen to this book. You get to go deeper into her mind and see how she thinks and how she feels about people and her work. I'm so happy we got to see this side of her and learn more about this young woman. I can't wait to see how things turn out for her and see how she continues to deal and heal from the loses she has had. what a great Listen.

Leda’s Side

Don’t miss this audiobook, especially if you think you know Leda. She’s the organized assistant to Scarlett, but there’s so much more. We get to see Leda in a different light, along with Hiddleston. Leda’s loyalty knows no bounds. Have your tissues ready. Great job narrating Katie, love the character voices.

LOVED the Leda audiobook!

Wonderful story! I loved how it fleshed out Leda for me and the developing friendship with Hiddleson. I adored learning about their family history but was sad about his father. Overall a marvelous balance of a storyline. It leaves me really wanting so much more! I can’t WAIT for the next book!


Leda is your typical assistant - quiet, organized, and focused. Or is she? This novella was so great to listen to as you get pulled into Leda's world of thought, discovery, and possibly a hint of romance. It is soothing, yet something about the book gets you right in the feels (get your tissues ready!!). Loved it!!!

I love Leda!

Leda is my favorite! I relate to her on so many levels. It’s fun to see her evolve and open up in this novella!