Marten (Novella #11 in the Network Series) | Audiobook

Marten (Novella #11 in the Network Series) | Audiobook

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His life has never been his own.

Marten has served his Network since the day he left home to become a Guardian. Not only did he train other Guardians as a Captain, fall in love with Mildred Graeme, and help subvert a tyrant, but he put the Network needs before his own every day as an Ambassador. 

In ways no one would ever learn. 

Until the day came that he could spill all his secrets.

Despite years of his quiet burden, and the relentless torture of what he couldn't have from afar Marten held strong. When the time comes to reveal his hidden life, he does.
The love that he'd harbored for so many years is finally unleashed.

MARTEN is the eleventh novella in the Network Series. This heart wrenching novella will sweep you through the years of Marten's life in a dramatic behind-the-scenes peek into the Ambassador we all love so much.

Customer Reviews

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Garrett Zeien

Finally get to see Martens side of things. What a great book. To watch a son grow up from a distance I don’t think I could be that strong. I would be selfish and Marten is not that. Come take a listen it is more then worth it.

Kim Jones
True Love

We have loved this man since Mildred’s Resistance, and his story makes you love him even more. This book tells of his deep love for Mildred and for the son he couldn’t raise. This book tugs at your heartstrings, you will love this last book in the Network Saga. Thanks Katie for listening to Jane.

Heartfelt telling of Marten

Listening to Katie artfully narrating Marten felt like i was finally getting to sit down with that strong, unassuming foundational character of Alkarra. I loved hearing about life through his eyes, feels and heart. And what a pleasure to travel back in time to where it all began for so many of my favourites. This is a great companion to the series and the collection of Alkarra stories.

Debbie K
Our Beloved Marten

Just when you think you couldn't love Marten anymore than you already can! We get to see just why he's the perfect mam to have in your life. Tough choices and emotional decisions show us what a true human (witch) he is. He's the perfect father, grandfather, and the uncle I wish I had. You do not want to miss this beautiful story! It's the fitting way to end our journey through the Network Saga. Well done Katie!!

How well do you know Marten?

Read by the author, Katie Cross, herself. Marten is a key person found throughout the Network books. But do you really know who he is? Delve into this endearing book to learn about this dedicated man who has served The Central Network for many, many years.