Merrick (Novella #3 in the Network Series) | Audiobook

Merrick (Novella #3 in the Network Series) | Audiobook

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The Story in the Network Saga
that you've been waiting for.

Written and Narrated by Katie Cross

Working as a Protector for the Central Network isn't an easy thing, but Merrick has always loved a challenge. 

Except . . . he still loves his home Network in the North. 

In fact, he loves to serve and protect both. 

When a mission given to him by the Central Network pushes him back into his home territory, he's too excited to serve. Until things start to get a bit weird. 

The witch he's assigned to spy on, an enigmatic, larger-than-life type of guy named Jote, is just a bit off. His magic is strange, his motivations grandiose, and he keeps talking about allegiance and a new Network. 

When Jote's plan to kill the Northern Network Council begins to unfold, Merrick is the only witch that can save his Council. 

Or is the Council the true target?

Fans of THE LOST MAGIC and THE PARTING will be so excited to get their hands on this book. MERRICK occurs at the same time as THE PARTING, and details what happened on that fateful mission. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Amanda Kujala
A read you won’t regret!

I love love love that we get to hear more about Merrick! Katie has a way of writing that not only brings the characters to life but makes you feel like family!

Andrea J.

Merrick! Thank you so much Katie for writing the story of his mission! You have let us more into his character, helped us to understand what happened...why he left... and set us up for so many new missions and adventures! I'm addicted!

Donald Swan
Don’t miss Merrick’s mission

Author Katie tells Merrick’s tale and explains the mission that changed his future forever. As the tale unfolds my feelings for Merrick changed dramatically now that I understand his mission and his alliances. Katie does a brilliant job narrating in a manner that makes it easy to get lost in the book as she voices the characters with many different accents. By using a Scottish accent for Merrick it changed how I perceived the North, now with a Scottish Highland feel which is very fun to imagine.


Merrick explains so much that we don't get in books from Bianca's perspective. This book was both heartwarming and devastating. I have so much more understanding and empathy now for the decision Merrick had to make in The Parting and the personal turmoil he now finds himself in.

Kelsey Rae
I’m Shook

I’ll be honest - I’ve never liked Merrick. Never thought I would.

Then Cross goes and writes this book.

Dang nabbit.
I care.

Plus the narration was great - less annoying than the other narrator. Some of the characters sounded the same, but I knew who was talking so it wasn’t the end of the world.