Short Stories from the Network Series Audiobook

Short Stories from the Network Series Audiobook

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Short story collection in 
The Network Series

Narrated by Katie Cross.


Should only be read after the entire series is finished.

Short Stories from the Network Series offers tales from many beloved characters including: Mildred, Marten, Derek, Angelina, Hazel, Camille, and Merrick

Immerse yourself in endearing and harrowing moments with the High Priestess Mildred.

Missions with the secretive Head of Protectors Derek Black.

The compelling origin story of Bianca’s fierce and determined trainer Merrick.

And the timeless love tale between Camille and Brecken.


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"Must read for any Network fans!"
"Delightful stories that bring the supporting characters of the Network Series to life!"
"If you like adventure with a bit of romance. but not gushy, this is it!"
"In tales alternately delightful and touching, we get more than just glimpses into formative events that shaped the richly varied supporting characters from The Network Series."
"The addition of the short stories is great for more in depth on the characters."
"Couldn't put it down."
"Katie Cross found a way to make me love her world even more."

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I have read all of Katie’s stories of witches and dragons. Love them all

Favorite Characters

It was great to relive these stories through the audiobook. These short stories of our favorite characters give us glimpses into their more personal lives and why we love them. We cheer them on and shed tears with them.