Sisterwitches Book 1 | Audiobook

Sisterwitches Book 1 | Audiobook

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Sanna and Isadora are back.

Written and Narrated by Katie Cross

Isadora Spence knows one thing for certain: she loves Maximillion Sinclair. 

When Max sweeps her to Wildrose Manor as his wife, she quickly realizes that not all is as it seems. She's forced to ask the most frightening question of all:

Is love enough? 

When Isadora requests three months to decide whether to stay handfasted, Max immediately agrees.

He adores Isadora, but saying the words isn't easy. His admittance would require something he's not ready to give. If he doesn't tell her that he loves her, will Isadora stay?

Meanwhile, Sanna Spence is back in the forest with her bonded forest dragon, Luteis. Her new world as a blind witch is far more overwhelming than she expected. 

Can Luteis keep her safe as they carve out a new life together?

Join the Sisterwitches and Max in the beginning novel of a nine-book series. THE SISTERWITCHES Book 1 will sweep you back to the world of the Dragonmasters and our favorite witches within. 


Customer Reviews

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Carol Long
Back to Alkarra Beginnings

Oh, Isadora and Sanna!! Your stories continue as if we never left you. It is an exhilarating, probing, and emotional journey as we start again where we left off. Be prepared for many twists and turns in this first book of The Sisterwitches series. You'll love it!!

An awesome listen

I love Sisterwitches. Katie's narration brings the magic and has seamlessly returned me to Alkarra and the time an hour after Dragonmasters finished. What a gorgeous, fun, delicious, emotional start to a new awaited series. Cannot wait to devour more, Katie leaves me fully satiated yet craving more!!! If you haven't yet, listened to the Dragonmasters series then dive right in the ADVOCATE then Sisterwitches you will not be disappointed...and the bonus story is the after dinner mint to this feast

Kaley Mills
What we’ve been waiting for!

Easy listening, epic stories! The sisters are back!

Debbie K
Welcome Back

Welcome back to the land of the dragons! For some it's been a long time coming and for many it will be like no time passed. A beautiful beginning to the next chapters of the lives of Sanna/Luteis and Isadora/Max. They all have to much to learn and many adjustments to make and trust most of them are not smooth. Join Katie on the flight back into the realm of the dragons and the sisters! You won't be disappointed I promise

Kim Jones
Sanna and Isadora are Back

The Sisterwitches Book 1
It is so good to be back visiting our beloved characters Sanna, Isadora, Max, Luteis! You will want to read The Dragonmaster Trilogy before starting The Sisterwitches. The Sisterwitches start immediately after The Dragonmaster Trilogy ended. We join Sanna and Luteis as she is adjusting to the loss of her sight and her magic, such interesting perspective. Isadora and Max are figuring out if they want to stay handfasted (even though both are madly in love with each other), can love conquer? So many questions. This is book one in a series of nine. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for each of our favorite people. Katie doesn’t disappoint, looking forward to book two!