The Forgotten Gods Audiobook (The Network Saga, Book 7)

The Forgotten Gods Audiobook (The Network Saga, Book 7)

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Narrated by Katie Cross.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Distant Witch.

Bianca Monroe has one goal in mind when she heads to the land of the gods: convince the god of fire, Ignis, to take his magic back.

How hard could it be?

Yet, Alaysia is not what she expected. 

In fact, it's better. 

While Bianca battles rogue demigods and new magic, the god of fire whispers promises of eternal power, easy magic, and the salvation of Alkarra. Treachery thrives at every hand in the land of the gods, leaving her unsure who to trust.

Meanwhile, one questions plagues her daily: should she give loyalty to the god of fire that resides with in her? 

Or to the goddess she doesn't know? 

The Forgotten Gods is the seventh book in the Network Series. This tale of epic magic and wild places will sweep you to a whole new world—the land of the gods—while it takes your breath away.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

I love listening to Katie Cross narrating her books! The characters are amazing and the plot keeps you very interested. This book is an exciting finish to this chapter of the character's adventures.

Dana Harding
Great book

So much suspense! I kept yelling at Bianca. Sometimes it seemed like there was too much time between the moments containing action or adventure.

Paula Bruce
You did it again!

I think The Forgotten Gods is the best one so far! It was great to see Bianca struggle with the power issue, only to have to chose in the end. And I wasn’t sure which she would choose! Katie does a remarkable job of bringing her beloved characters to life as only she can!

Amanda Kujala
Another hit!!

Katie has done it again! I love getting transported into the world of Alkarra!! I swear I was there! It was incredible! I never want it to end but can’t wait for what happens next!!

Karen Olson
A new land

The Forgotten God's is an interesting listen. This audio book concentrates on Bianca's character. It is a roller-coaster of a ride and keeps you interested listening to her adventure. It is narrated by the author herself, Katie Cross! She is an excellent story teller and has a very expressive style. Her voice is pleasant and easy to listen to. I recommend this audio book. You will want to listen to it again and again.