The Returning (Novella #8 in the Network Series) | Audiobook

The Returning (Novella #8 in the Network Series) | Audiobook

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The reunion you've been waiting for . . .

Warning: This book has spoilers.

This novella is a book that takes place immediately after THE FORGOTTEN GODS. If you haven't read THE FORGOTTEN GODS yet, then back up and grab that book first. 

This novel is the desired wrap-up for that story.

* * *

The gods wanted to kill Bianca Monroe.

But she's not going anywhere.

Join Bianca Monroe—and all her beloved friends—as she returns to her life under the trees in Letum Wood. Her body needs time to heal.

Just like her spirit.

Not all scars can be seen, though they wreak the same havoc. Bianca grapples with deep emotions, nightmares, and reunions with beloved friends and family members, in the aftermath of her choices under the Alaysian sky.

Did she make the right choice, alone in Alaysia, when all lay against her?

THE RETURNING is the eight novella in the Network Series. This heartwarming novella will sweep you into the heart of Letum Wood—and our favorite witch that cradles the forest in her heart.

Customer Reviews

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Seriously in LOVE!!

I cannot thank you enough for the immediate availability of the returning after reading The Forgotten Gods. I am still on the edge of my seat waiting for the War of the Gods, but it is a bearable wait. I am starting Regina now (so excited!). Again, Katie, I cannot state how amazing you are as a writer enough!

A secret novella

Read by the author, Katie Cross, herself, this secret novella tells the moving story
of what happens after The Forgotten Gods.

Debbie K
Welcome Home!

I love this novella so much! Can I take a moment to gush about what a beautiful story it is?! All your questions from Derek and The Forgotten Gods will be answered here. But true to Katie form, some new ones will arise. What's brewing in the Northern Network? What's going to happen in the south? How do they all prepare for war? There are some wonderful heartfelt scenes and fences mended. When you have finished this book you will be able to let out that sigh of contentment - for now. The biggest adventure is coming soon.

Garrett Zeien
fantastic read!

This novella takes place right after the novella Derek and right after the book the forgotten gods. This book does a very nice job tying up and finishing off those 2 books. Bianca has returned to Alkarra and you learn what happens to her after returning. many questions are answered in this story. This novella also has a very satisfying ending. I hope you enjoy this novella as much as I did.

Kim Jones

This book is everything you would hope it would be. Many questions are answered, tears are shed, and cheers are shouted. Katie knew what she was doing to have this available as soon as we finished The Forgotten Gods. Pay attention to the unspoken words, there’s so much in this book, you’ll love Letum Woods even more. Bravo Katie!