MARTEN (Novella #11 in The Network Series)

MARTEN (Novella #11 in The Network Series)

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His life has never been his own.

Marten has served his Network since the day he left home to become a Guardian.
Not only did he train other Guardians as a Captain, fall in love with Mildred Graeme, and help subvert a tyrant, but he put the Network needs before his own every day as an Ambassador. 
In ways no one would ever learn. 
Until the day came that he could spill all his secrets.
Despite years of his quiet burden, and the relentless torture of what he couldn't have from afar Marten held strong. When the time comes to reveal his hidden life, he does.
The love that he'd harbored for so many years is finally unleashed.
MARTEN is the eleventh novella in the Network Series. This heart wrenching novella will sweep you through the years of Marten's life in a dramatic behind-the-scenes peek into the Ambassador we all love so much.

Customer Reviews

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Diane Ottobre
An Incredible Human Being

It was great to get to know more about this incredible man. He’s a compassionate and caring man that is full of integrity as well. There is nothing he wouldn’t for the people and network he loves. He gives his all to everything he does. He is the person that is always there for you. He’s the one that you go to for support or for his advice which is always wise, reliable, and sensible. This book lets you know all of the pain, sacrifices and love that made up his life. You won’t regret getting to know his life.

Terry Gardner
Paul Harvey used to say "and now the rest of the story" Martin is that and much much more

Martin, the grey man, every one knows him or thinks they do, yet the secrets he holds many will go to the grave with him many years from now. He starts in Mildred's resistance and continues though all of the Network books. This is a story of a man who gives his all to his network and those whom he loves. It will answer many of the questions you have wondered about though all of Katie's books on Alkarra.

Andy Gonzalez
Marten… wow…

Just finished this incredible journey of Marten’s life… we met him in Mildred’s resistance, and we have seen him through all the Network series and saga, and some of the Novellas, but this intimate look into some of his most cherished memories… has been such a joy to read. Marten is a character that teaches through example that choosing the right thing is not always popular or what makes us happy in the now, but no good deed goes unrewarded… one must find a balance, keep doing the right thing, choices are not always easy, but they are not always hard either…. Thank you Katie J Cross for a lovely read, and for the life lessons you let Marten teach us…

Carol Long

What can you say about a man who gives his heart to a woman and his network? A lot to be honest!! Marten is a pillar of strength to all who know him. He's the one you can go to for advice and a hug! Don't miss this beautiful ending to a wonderful series!!!

Kim Jones
True Love

We have loved this man since Mildred’s Resistance, and his story makes you love him even more. This book tells of his deep love for Mildred and for the son he couldn’t raise. This book tugs at your heartstrings, you will love this last book in the Network Saga. Thanks Katie for listening to Jane.