Priscilla (Novella #4 in the Network Series) | Audiobook

Priscilla (Novella #4 in the Network Series) | Audiobook

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Never again.


Priscilla Morton has loved Niko Aldana since the moment she met him. She's given up everything—her Network, her life, her family—to live with him in the Eastern Network. 

They built a beautiful life on top of dreams and hope and love. 

Then it all came crashing down. 

When the Eastern Network isn't safe for Priscilla—or her unborn child—she flees to the only place she feels safe: Bianca's cottage in Letum Wood. Except, the ghosts of her past will find her there.

When they do? 

Her new life will come crashing down around her.


Join Priscilla on her own journey of love, life, and self-discovery in the thrilling novella PRISCILLA.

Lovers of Bianca Monroe will love the 4th novella in the Network Series. PRISCILLA takes you deeper into the events in the Eastern Network and Letum Wood as The Network Series unfolds. 

Glimpse a different view of the world and Bianca's many adventures through Priscilla's eyes. 

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NOTE: This is best read AFTER reading RISE OF THE DEMIGODS, as there will be spoilers in PRISCILLA. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Andrea J.
Enjoyable read!

I enjoyed reading Priscilla so much! It was really fun to get to know more about her, the decisions she made, and who she really is! Priscilla is strong! I also enjoyed getting to see some of the other characters, including Niko and Bianca from another perspective. A very enjoyable read!

Amanda Kujala
A must read!!!

I’ll be honest, in Miss Mabel’s School for Girls I did not have warm fuzzies for Pricilla. However, through the series Katie has surprised me with her growth. No lie, I had chills of excitement at the end. You have to listen to it to know why!!

Garrett Zeien
Love these novellas

Priscilla is another puzzle piece in katies world. I really enjoy these novellas because you can go outside the main story when you want to get more in-depth detail on what is going on with a certain character without going into it in the main story and distracting from that. I enjoyed seeing priscillas story through her eyes. You get to see her thoughts on a situation and what and how she experienced it. It is great to see how she has grown from the bully she was in the beginning of katies works to the woman she is now (much better person). Thanks, and hope there are more of these little side stories’ we can dive into coming.

Jane Olinick

Priscilla is an enjoyable example of Katie Cross’ work and the world she has created. She gives us a range of emotions; happy and sad, angry and delighted, camaraderie and isolation, cold snowy forests and warm sunny beaches on the ocean.
For me, having a new voice for Priscilla helped me to feel her as a grownup. In this story, Priscilla has grown up, transforming from a young girl into a very different adult.
Now I’m even more excited for the next book.

Kim Jones
Priscilla’s Choices

This is a glimpse into Priscilla’s life (see the changes in her since Miss Mabel’s), her choices and a different angle on the networks. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more about Priscilla, Niko and their child. Such a nice surprise at the end. This is icing on the cake because Katie is the narrator of this audiobook, you don’t want to miss it. Good job Katie.