Sisterwitches Book 2 | Audiobook

Sisterwitches Book 2 | Audiobook

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The epic story continues.

Written and Narrated by Katie Cross

Sanna Spence can cast spells, chop vegetables, and manage herself, thank you very much. 

Well, for the most part. 

After months of magical training and practice, she thinks she's ready to live on her own as a blind witch in Letum Wood. When she realizes she's not there yet, it's time to do something big. 

Live in the Network. 

With her mentor Gilbert at her side, what could go wrong? 

Her sister, Isadora Sinclair, is determined to find a job. How hard could it be? Seamstress, baker, librarian. There has to be something in the Central Network she can do. 

In the midst of her attempt to find her next step, an unexpected witch sets her on a uncertain path. 

A path she never anticipated.

Meanwhile, Max is falling ever faster in love with his wife. In fact, he can't stop thinking about her—and all the terrible dangers that surround her. Dangers that Isadora doesn't know exist. 

Enemies lurk in the background. 

Can Max learn how to love and let go, or will his growing concern for his wife spur even greater risk to her? 

Join our beloved Sisterwitches and Max in the next installment in THE SISTERWITCHES Book 2. These slice-of-life stories will sweep you back to the world of the Dragonmaster and right into the heart of the witches we love best. 

Customer Reviews

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Kim Jones
Changes and Learning

The Sisterwitches Book 2
In this installment of Sisterwitches we find Sanna and Isadora navigating their new lives - Sanna is learning she is still Sanna of the forest, just in a different way; Luteis also has been learning new things, some to help Sanna but also himself; Isadora comes to the understanding of what her purpose in life will be; and Max is obsessed with Isa’s safety. We will find out if Isa’s safety is really in question soon. New characters were introduced in Book 1 and they play important roles in Book 2. Suspense and change will keep you riveted to this book. Katie’s mind never stops, these books are engaging. Don’t miss this series.

Debbie K
Learning Experiences

I enjoyed this book very much! Sanna and Isadora both grow so much. They all learn things about themselves. Even our lovable dragon Luteis learns some things. Max constantly feels like Isadora's safety is at risk. But is it? Follow his journey of learning to loosen the reins. I'm not going to tell you the story, there's no fun in that. Read it for yourself and fall in love with it the way i did!

Katie brings Alkarra to life with her narration, love this series and the bonus stories

I love this series which is getting even better with each book and Katie's narration pulls me in and takes me on a journey of feels. I devoured book 2 of Sisterwitches and fell in love with Rose Manor and the great library of Burke even more. Also exciting to have the sisters back making their way in new uncharted worlds, of magic, relationships, expectations and unavoidable truths. And of course dragons, gargoyles and the delicious potential of adventures still to come. The bonus story is such a fabulous addition, I love it and all it promises.

I love to read these sisterwitches novels!

In this second novel in the beloved Sisterwitches series, Sanna continues to learn magic and methods to help her to live independently —well, with 🐉Luteis🐉, of course—as a blind witch in Letum Woods. But she finds she might need a little more help in achieving her goals.

Max and Isadora enjoy their handfasted bliss, but while she is on a mission to find her purpose, Max’s need to keep her safe consumes him. He is all too aware of the dangers surrounding his wife—can he learn to manage his fears, find balance, and stop keeping Isa in the dark?

✨Magic✨ ✨ Witches✨ 🐉 Dragons 🐉 🧼Soap 🧼 🍲Soup 🍲 ✨Alkarra ✨