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The Council (Prequel #3) | Audiobook

The Council (Prequel #3) | Audiobook

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Never Underestimate the Power of Politicians. 

Written and Narrated by Katie Cross

An excerpt: 

A quiet voice came in my right ear, followed by a gentle hand cupping my elbow.

“I anticipate this could take several hours,” Grandfather murmured. “Are you sure you’re up for such a questioning? It might be intense. Some of them may attempt to make you angry, or prove that you’re lying. For the most part, they seek the truth. Having never been to Alaysia themselves, it’s hard to trust anyone.”

“Why would I lie?”

“The motivations they might assign you are endless.” He sighed. “It doesn’t matter what they want to believe. Many witches would deny what’s right in front of them because they’re frightened.”

“They definitely won’t want to hear what I have to say.”

“The truth, you mean?”

“The honest truth. It’s beyond bleak, Grandfather.”

“It’s what they need to hear.”

Plenty of Council Members and Coven Leaders rolled their eyes at the sight of me. I could accept their indignant attitude about my wild ways because I didn’t interact much with them, and I had Scarlett’s support.

Today, however, I would present the utter truth.

Their condemnation of that frightened me, because it meant denial. Refusal to believe, or help.

All of those inevitable struggles meant difficult days for Alkarra.

* * * 

The Council is the third of four short stories that are prequels to WAR OF THE GODS, the final book in the Network Saga. 

Customer Reviews

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When you need to know...

Why would she lie indeed... Katie's narration is so fun, she has running along side Bianca through everything.
This short story had me feeling the frustration with Bianca. And knowing more than the council wants to believe, had me calling out. "You just wait!!!" This is a read for those who want to know everything they can about what's happened, happening and going to happen... excited for War of the Gods


This prequel is intense as Bianca is called before the council plus the other Networks’ leaders. Can she answer their probing questions and keep her cool? Geralyn pushes the line. You’ll love Marten even more in this book.

Fact or Fiction?

Can Alkarra unite as a whole to face a war of the gods? Not if Geralyn has anything to say about it. She wants upheaval and to block herself off from the rest of the Networks. Do any of them believe the details of Bianca's time in Alaysia? All of Alkarra and Bianca herself are going to be forced to face their fears because the truth is...the gods ARE coming!