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Derek (Novella #7 in the Network Series)

Derek (Novella #7 in the Network Series)

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It's not "hiding" when you can't be found . . .

Highest Witch of the Central Network Derek Black has given everything for his Network. 

His life. 

His time. 

His health. 

His family.

But the Network isn't done with him yet. When he uncovers a secret conspiracy, and discovers enemies within the Central Network political structure, he must sacrifice one more time to save everything—and everyone—that he loves. 

This time, he must give up the only thing he has left that has ever been his own. 

His reputation.

This time, he may not ever recover what is lost. Will Derek stop the new enemies at the door at the expense of everyone he loves? 

Or will evil finally triumph once and for all? 

DEREK is the seventh novella in the Network Series, and is meant to be read after RISE OF THE DEMIGODS, but before THE FORGOTTEN GODS for maximum enjoyment. 

Hold on. 

You're in for a wild ride. 

Customer Reviews

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Cross’s novellas are great! She lifts the fantasy novella to great heights that really enhances the series.

Andrea J.

Derek, Derek, Derek! I just loved getting to dive into your character more! The great protector we've always believed you are... So glad you found direction, calling, and something special! What a great read...But Katie Cross, let's talk about these endings with a cliff hanger!! What???

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Eve Adam
After RISE OF THE DEMIGODS, everything is chaos!

Who to turn to for answers, who can be trusted, what comes next? Derek is gone! It appears he told no one not even his daughter Bianca. This Novella reveals the depth and commitment Derek has to protect the people of Alkarra, not just the Central Network. He’s hunting a traitor and time is running out.
If you enjoy suspense, plot twists and intrigue, get this Novella. Katie Cross does not disappoint!

Great read!

After reading about Bianca, this was a great way to get to know her father, Derek.


Derek has it all!! You won't be disappointed! I read the whole book in one setting!