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You and Me | Audiobook

You and Me | Audiobook

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The Tenth Book in the Coffee Shop Series!


When it comes to men, I'd rather not. 

In fact, I prefer paints. 

Cleaning the Frolicking Moose at night, renting the loft out by day, and sinking into my oils and charcoal drawings are really all I want out of life right now. 

Simplicity and space. 

Then Hawk walks in on a snowy night. 

And suddenly everything is different.



Being a Mercedy isn't a blessing. 

It's a bloody curse. 

To the tunes of several billion dollars. Don't get me wrong—I love my job. Sometimes, though, it might be nice to do something . . . different

Enter Cora, for whom the word boring doesn't exist. 

Not only does she rock my world, but a disaster of world-wide proportions is about to as well. I'm not ready, and neither is my company, nor the world. 

When it comes right down to it, all that matters is Cora.



This is a clean, contemporary romance with sizzle and spice—but no sex scenes. Guaranteed bantering and happily ever after.


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Bright Book Reviews
An enjoyable book from the coffee shop series

This book is narrated by the author Katie Cross. Hawk, who runs a multi-billion dollar company, and Cora, an artist, find themselves weathering out a huge snowstorm together at the Whispering Moose.

This was an enjoyable read, as were all of the coffee shop books that I have read so far.

Yes yes and yes!!!

I loved hearing Hawk and Cora's story, it's so totally worth the listen. So fun for me, with all it's feels. Katie's narration had me feeling for and relating to adorably messed up characters, while happily reviling others. I'm already putting in requests for stories of characters I met in the telling. Another gorgeous romance novel from Katie, my only disappointment was it finished.

Garrett Zeien

This was an awesome book. I’m not one who is a big romance book guy…. But since Katie is one of my favorite writers I had to give her books a try. I’m so glad I did. It was great to see Hawk and Cora’s journey they took together. Thanks for another great book.