ALKARRA (Audiobook Edition)

ALKARRA (Audiobook Edition)

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A Collection of Short Stories from Across Alkarra.

Narrated by Katie Cross.

Are you ready for more Alkarra?

ALKARRA is a 40,000 word short story collection (4 hour audiobook) that takes place across the landscape of the world of Alkarra.

This website-only collection includes updated, edited, and previously published stories (no longer available), brand new short stories, deleted scenes, alternate endings, alternate beginnings, and so much more.

An explanation is given before each story to describe why they didn't make it into final publications.

Don't miss another phenomenal way to dig a little deeper into your favorite Alkarran escape!

Customer Reviews

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More please...

It was so fun flitting through Alkarra within these short stories and deleted scenes. My only disappointment was they were short. Lol. Katie had me enthralled and captivated. This is great for lovers of things Alkarra.

Kim Jones

This book is a compilation of short stories through the years about some of our favorite characters from our beloved Alkarra. You’ll love this stroll down memory lane. There are also a few new stories and some scenes that didn’t make it into a book. Don’t miss this one.

Debbie K

A beautiful collection of short stories that happen throughout the ages in Alkarra. Was great to have some deleted scenes and to revisit beloved characters. Kick your feet up, relax and enjoy these wonderful stories. I did