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Bianca the Brave | English | Hardcover

Bianca the Brave | English | Hardcover

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When Bianca Monroe is running through the forest, tragedy strikes. In order to save her beloved trees and creatures, she must learn the most important lesson of all.

This endearing and powerful story reminds readers of all ages that a battle is often before us. But sometimes, all we need to do is stop, see, and lay down our sword.

BIANCA THE BRAVE is a hardcover, illustrated, children’s book tale set in the magical fantasy world of Alkarra, first made famous by YA Fantasy author Katie Cross in the award-winning, best-selling novel Miss Mabel’s School for Girls. 

Written by mom, educator, and fantasy lover Kaley Mills, in conjunction with Katie Cross, this is a children’s book appropriate for magical witches of any age.

Customer Reviews

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Diane Ottobre
Children will love this book

A beautiful story that kids will enjoy and will provide a lesson as well. The illustrations are filled with the magic of the world that Bianca lives in. The story and illustrations make this book a true treasure to own and enjoy. I have a copy and I am an adult. I will be one of my prized possessions. You will not regret purchasing this book. Buy for children you know.

Kim Jones
Awesome Children’s Book

This is such an awesome book. The illustrations are beautiful and such a good story. The whole family will love this book, it will be a book to treasure.

Best children's book for all ages

Make sure you GET THIS BOOK!. THE illustrations are phenomenal and the way the book flows allows kids and adults to throughly enjoy every page. You can also play "find the fun little things" through out the book as you read. The author made sure that it makes it easy for kids to learn a true value in life as well as just having fun. A favorite for all who have read it. This book will last life times.

My son loved this

My son who is 4 loves this story, and absolutely loved all the pictures throughout this book. Let’s be honest so did I :). You can’t go wrong buying this book. Awesome to hold it in your hands or display on your favorite book shelf.