Derek (Novella #7 in the Network Saga)

Derek (Novella #7 in the Network Saga)

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It's not "hiding" when you can't be found . . .

Highest Witch of the Central Network Derek Black has given everything for his Network. 

His life. 

His time. 

His health. 

His family.

But the Network isn't done with him yet. When he uncovers a secret conspiracy, and discovers enemies within the Central Network political structure, he must sacrifice one more time to save everything—and everyone—that he loves. 

This time, he must give up the only thing he has left that has ever been his own. 

His reputation.

This time, he may not ever recover what is lost. Will Derek stop the new enemies at the door at the expense of everyone he loves? 

Or will evil finally triumph once and for all? 

DEREK is the seventh novella in the Network Saga, and is meant to be read after RISE OF THE DEMIGODS, but before THE FORGOTTEN GODS for maximum enjoyment. 

Hold on. 

You're in for a wild ride. 

Customer Reviews

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Loved it

A great book to read in between novels. It answered so many questions and left me excited for the next book to come out.

Sushmita Srikant
DEREK - A Novella or A Novel?

This is 100% a full fledged adventure of its own and keeps you at the edge of your seat! Faleen Borg will be high on my list of creepiest places I've ever read about and probably always give me the chills. I always saw Derek as this Protector of his network, always so sure about himself and where his career was going. Here we see a different side of him, a very human side with vulnerability, second guessing his choices and unsure at times but he always does what he does best - Protect!

Tonya Flores
Derek is amazing!

This book was so good. It was longer than most novellas and was very satisfying to read. It does leave you hanging...because it is backstory. It will lead right to the next book in the series. I love Derek even more after this book!

Sandra Hagan
Great Segway

Derek is a great way to see inside the man who helped Bianca become who she is. I loved the way we saw a new side of Derek and how this story helps bridge the gap between the two full novels. The ending though....I can't wait to find out more!

Richard Clatterbuck
Derek went on a cruise.

Took Derek with me on a cruise in the western Caribbean . Really enjoyed the read on the sea days. It answered a few questions and left some for the next book. Now it’s time for a comeback for Bianca. Can’t wait to see what she got herself into.