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Derek (Novella #7 in the Network Series) | Audiobook

Derek (Novella #7 in the Network Series) | Audiobook

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It's not "hiding" when you can't be found . . .

Written and Narrated by Katie Cross

Highest Witch of the Central Network Derek Black has given everything for his Network. 

His life. 

His time. 

His health. 

His family.

But the Network isn't done with him yet. When he uncovers a secret conspiracy, and discovers enemies within the Central Network political structure, he must sacrifice one more time to save everything—and everyone—that he loves. 

This time, he must give up the only thing that has ever been his own. 

His reputation.

This time, he may not ever recover what is lost. Will Derek stop the new enemies at the door at the expense of everyone he loves? 

Or will evil finally triumph once and for all? 

DEREK is the seventh novella in the Network Series, and is meant to be read after RISE OF THE DEMIGODS, but before THE FORGOTTEN GODS for maximum enjoyment. 

Hold on. 

You're in for a wild ride. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Garrett Zeien
The man

Derek is an awesome book. In this book you get to see Derek for the first time getting to do whatever he wants and how does he spend his time… still saving the network. Derek is one of my favorite characters in Katie’s books and I’m so glad we got the chance in this book just to hear his side of the story. This is now one of my favorite books in Katie‘s world and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Kim Jones
True Derek

You are in for a ride with this novella. This is the seventh book in The Network Saga and Derek at his best. He is back to who he was meant to be - the fighter! This book is full of action, intrigue, suspense and surprise (especially the cliff hanger ending). Derek has given everything for the network, and he’s not willing to stop now. You will cheer him on as he fights for Alkarra and cry at his heartbreak. This is a must read and is meant to be read after Rise of the Demigods. Plus Katie is now narrating her audiobooks so you get the bonus of the author’s feelings in the words.

Audiobook - Derek

I thoroughly enjoyed the Audiobook. Derek really became alive for me, but I missed having more context of him and Marie. I know that nothing more than what it touched on with Marie belong here, but perhaps a book about Marie? How they met, fell in love, the choices they made because of love for each other, Bianca and their Network? The one thing I didn’t like was the cliffhanger we got left on with regards to Bianca! LOL, too long to wait for the Forgotten Gods…. I am on tenterhooks here, Katie! Each of these character books flesh the story out more and more. They give so much insight for my re-reads of the series. I can’t wait for the next book (oh! Then maybe one about Baxter?? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣)

Debbie K
Emotional Roller Coaster

Who doesn't love Derek Black?? This is his story told by Katie in such a way that you feel like you are right there along for the ride. I giggled quite a bit (who doesn't love a little snark?) and I cried quite a bit too...many heartfelt scenes. You will learn a lot about the behind the scenes Derek when he isn't protecting his network 24/7 and plenty about the born leader he is. I was SO looking forward to this story and it absolutely did not disappoint! It fits right in between Rise of the Demigods (also amazing) and The Forgotten Gods which is coming very soon! Hope to see you all at the edge of the cliff Katie left us on!!

Katie brings magic adventure and heart with her narration

There's a distinct palpable buzz with this Novella, it delivers on so many levels as Katie takes the listener on a wild ride, with twists, turns and Ancient Magics. Katie has woven a special kind of magic with telling Derek's tale. Her passionate and fun narration brings out the hidden sides of characters that have been hinted at within the Alkarra novels. This book is a must to listen to after Rise of the Demigods and before the Forgotten Gods... cannot wait until the story continues...squee with excited anticipation