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Leda (Novella #10 in the Network Saga)

Leda (Novella #10 in the Network Saga)

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Never Underestimate the Power of an Assistant. 

If there's one thing that Assistant to the High Priestess Leda is not going to talk about, it's the death of her best friend, Camille. 

Sure, it's been more than three years since Camille died. Why should that matter? Leda has moved on—she had to—but that doesn't mean she's going to talk about it. 

When Bianca returns from Alaysia nearly dead, her careful control of her emotions turns upside down. 

Leda's forced to reckon with the ghosts she's been avoiding all these years. Holding other witches at arms length, forgetting to enjoy herself, and refusing to make more friends suddenly doesn't seem like the best path forward.

But how to change?

Help comes from expected places. 


The wily Defender seems to know just what to do, and how to help, to dissolve guards that's she's jealously guarded for years.

Can Leda open up to a bright new future by letting go of the old one? 

Or does she let herself drown in shadows and fear? 

LEDA is the tenth novella in the Network Saga. This tearjerking story will brush out the cobwebs of your heart and bring you back into the sunshine again.

Customer Reviews

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Loved learning more about Leda and being able to see her perspective. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for her future!

Be the fly

Katie Cross has created a world that you become submersed in when you read any of her books. These novella's share with the reader how Katie was able to create a universe that is so complete. The Dragonmaster and Network series drag you into a world full of wonder, love, action, pain. Leda is key to the main story, and I figure that Katie has completely fleshed out each character prior to writing her novels, and is now sharing with us that work. Leda, the book, colours in the grey areas from the main books. From these novella's you learn these characters completely. It is like being a fly on the wall that can read minds. You learn what has made them strong in the books, you understand their motivations for doing what they do. You see the other characters through their eyes. Everything I have read from Katie has been satisfying. I fear what my nights will become without Katie and her amazing ability to tell a story. If I had to choose who I want to be on a deserted island with, Katie would be that person.

More please!

All I can say is I want MORE. I’m so anxious to hear what you have in store for Ledas and Hiddlestons future. Hopefully it’s together.


Imagine it – Alkarra 2022. You have just learned about Leda. Now, your service dog, with the help of her 8-pound little sister, are going nuts licking your face because the tears won’t stop.

Anyone who has been following Bianca since Miss Mabel’s School for Girls has experienced a wide range of emotions. Well, buckle up, readers. Katie Cross creates an emotional rollercoaster that for exceeds anything an engineer could design.

Leda may well be the most complex person in all Alkarra. We got a glimpse into that complexity while she was at Miss Mabel’s. She kept herself mostly isolated from the other students. The only friends she made were Bianca, Priscilla, and Camille. However, everything is different since the War of the Networks.

Leda is all grown up now. She is Assistant to the High Priestess. Leda has great responsibility, and no one can do her job as well. She controls everything in the High Priestess’s office in such a way that the Underassistants are afraid of her. The only one allowed to spend time with person is the person who shares her office – Hiddleston.

Hiddleston, Hiddleston, Hiddleston…(insert swoon here)

What can be said about Hiddleston. He is intelligent, kind, handsome, and more like Leda than she realizes. Hiddleston is also the reason Leda can spend more time with Bianca since she returned from Alaysia knocking on death’s door. Leda wants and needs to be with Bianca. The thought of losing another friend is more than Leda can bare.

Leda wears a memento around her neck. She often reaches for the memento, sometimes without even realizing. This seems to bring Leda comfort when she needs it. However, the memento may be hurting Leda more than helping her. It certainly gives insight into why Leda guards her heart so fiercely, and why she uses work as an outlet for her emotions.

I loved Leda since I first met her in Miss Mabel’s School for Girls. After diving into her life and coming to understand her, I love her even more. She is an amazing witch with so much to offer. Her future certainly seems bright. My hope is that we get to watch her grow and meet her full potential,

To say Katie Cross is brilliant may be repeating myself. Nonetheless, it is worth repeating. Katie Cross is brilliant!! No other author has prompted me to make a special shelf just to accommodate his/her books – complete with dragons holding the shelf underneath and dragons guarding Alkarra from above.

Another aspect of Katie Cross’s books is that they are clean. I would not hesitate to allow my 11-year-old to read Katie’s books. In fact, all of Katie’s books are clean, whether young adult fantasy, contemporary romance, or chick lit. She wants everyone to be able to read her books, and she has readers from youth to the young at heart from all over the world.

As for Leda, get ready for all the feels Also, prepare yourself to be thinking about Leda long after you finish the book.

A Woman of Many Layers

Who wouldn’t want Leda as a friend, co-worker, or love interest. She is a determined witch with a great work ethic that is appreciated and noticed. She has kept everything inside, but in this book, we finally get to see her thoughts, her desires and emotions. She will do anything for the people she loves and cares deeply. You get to see her actually have some fun too. And getting more of Hiddleston is an added bonus. The interactions between them are enjoyable and rewarding. As with all of Katie’s books you are left wanting more. I can’t wait for more.