Merrick (Novella #3 in the Network Saga)
Merrick (Novella #3 in the Network Saga)

Merrick (Novella #3 in the Network Saga)

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Being a Protector isn't easy.

But Merrick has always loved a challenge.
Despite his love for his home in the mountainous North, he accepts a mission given to him by the Central Network Brotherhood.
This mission pushes him back into home territory, where things start to get a bit weird.
The witch he's assigned to spy on, the enigmatic, larger-than-life Jote, is just a bit . . . off. Jote's magic is strange, his motivations grandiose, and he speaks too much about allegiance and a new Network.
Jote's murderous plan forces Merrick into one of the greatest adventures of his life. Can he save the North? Or is he too late?
MERRICK is a must-read for fans of THE LOST MAGIC and THE PARTING—because the magic is epic and the places are wild.

Customer Reviews

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Jean Hamilton
An inside view of Merrick

... and how great it is to have this chance to get to know him, his work, his motivations, and feelings better. This is a fine adventure and so much more. More suspense, more politics, more information about the Network and more magic! So good.

Diane Ottobre
Insights into the Mission

It was great to take part in the mission that has created a lot of turmoil for Merrick. You get to experience his thoughts and the actions he takes. It gives more insight to the challenges that have to be taken by a protector. So glad so many questions are answered by taking this journey.

Shirley Baker

Great to have more insight into Merrick and how he feels and thinks.

Tonya Flores
What a backstory!

I'm not sure how I could love Merrick even more than I did, but this definitely cemented it for me. There is no easy path for him and I am so glad for this peek into what he has been through. All the pieces fall so perfectly into place when you know what didn't fit into the main storyline. It's so nice to have the details fleshed out and understand the full complexity in the background.

Jean-Maire Cole
Explains so much

I loved this book! It allows us to see the where the choice Merrick made in “The Parting” came from! It also explains a bit more about who Merrick is and the type of missions he takes on as a protector. So many twists and turns, a great read.