Prana (Novella #6 in the Network Saga)

Prana (Novella #6 in the Network Saga)

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Never underestimate the goddess of the sea.

Almorran magic stirred.

On the shore of the Eastern Network coast, where mellow beaches collided with tumultuous waves, waited Magnolia castle. The unfurling of white stone, so like a magnolia petal itself, caught Prana’s gaze.

The goddess of the sea frowned.

“How,” she murmured, low and quiet, “is it possible?”

Her dark, slanted eyes, set in a wide face, with wet black hair that dropped all the way to her waist, bobbed just above the top of the water. The ocean current formed a chair around her, keeping her steady. It would have lifted her up to see better, but she hadn’t commanded such a thing. The sea read her thoughts, moving to her silent will.

At least it still listened to her.

Almorran magic rose in her thoughts again. A mistake, surely. Her oldest, most beloved magic system couldn’t be back in the land. Not now.

Yet . . . she hadn’t made a mistake.

Without a doubt, Almorran magic moved on Alkarran shores again—right here. In Magnolia castle, to be clear. She would know. The magic system belonged to her. Her favorite magic because of its deep consequences. In its long slumber over the past centuries, she had missed it.

Her darling.

Now, she stood to lose everything.

PRANA is the sixth novella in the Network Saga and a must-read for any fans that want answers about goddess magic, god magic, and the goddesses and gods that defy all odds.

Customer Reviews

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Dana Delaney
Interesting to see the fallibility of goddesses

Prana is a goddess of water. She is a lesser goddess in Alkarra but plays a pivotal role that this book explains.
I found it slow going at first - and honestly wondered if I would abandon it. Glad I did not, though still not one of my favorites that Katie Cross has written. It does fill in some knowledge gaps about Ava and demigods.

Jennifer Chi

I loved learning more about the goddesses and their magic(s). And it’s very interesting to see how Ava really ended up on that beach!

Bradley Victor Yandt
The curtain is pulled back

Katie has created a world that is complete. The characters she has developed (or at times it seems more like she personally knows them and is just writing their autobiography) draws you into their story. Ya, sure, it is about majik, and Gods and Goddesses, amazing creatures, Dragons, mermaids. But it is more about their growth. Katie is able to make you care for the story.
Wanting, no, craving to read more. Prana is the first (I am assuming) novella about the power behind her witches. You learn about her motivations to do what she did in the Network Series.

To me, the most amazing aspect of Katie's writing is her ability to impeccable stay true to a characters nature. The growth and development are all logical. Their emotions and reactions are what you would expect based on what you know of them. This series of fantasy books is satisfying, thought provoking. I am very happy to be involved in this journey.

Andy Gonzalez
Ohhh Prana!

When you get an in sight into the mind of a mischievous one like Prana… you can learn a lot of interesting details and shed some light both into the past and future of other characters… it was an interesting read, loved learning some fun details and I am looking forward to the next read!

Tonya Flores

The first real look into the goings on of a goddess. An interesting read that leaves you wanting more. And...still asking questions! There are still so many places Katie can go with this world and I can't wait to read more about it!