Prana (Novella #6 in the Network Series) | Audiobook

Prana (Novella #6 in the Network Series) | Audiobook

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Never underestimate the goddess of the sea.

Written and Narrated by Katie Cross.

Almorran magic stirred.

On the shore of the Eastern Network coast, where mellow beaches collided with tumultuous waves, waited Magnolia castle. The unfurling of white stone, so like a magnolia petal itself, caught Prana’s gaze.

The goddess of the sea frowned.

“How,” she murmured, low and quiet, “is it possible?”

Her dark, slanted eyes, set in a wide face, with wet black hair that dropped all the way to her waist, bobbed just above the top of the water. The ocean current formed a chair around her, keeping her steady. It would have lifted her up to see better, but she hadn’t commanded such a thing. The sea read her thoughts, moving to her silent will.

At least it still listened to her.

Almorran magic rose in her thoughts again. A mistake, surely. Her oldest, most beloved magic system couldn’t be back in the land. Not now.

Yet . . . she hadn’t made a mistake.

Without a doubt, Almorran magic moved on Alkarran shores again—right here. In Magnolia castle, to be clear. She would know. The magic system belonged to her. Her favorite magic because of its deep consequences. In its long slumber over the past centuries, she had missed it.

Her darling.

Now, she stood to lose everything.

PRANA is the sixth novella in the Network Series and a must-read for any fans that want answers about goddess magic, god magic, and the goddesses and gods that defy all odds.

Customer Reviews

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Debbie K
The Mind of a Goddess

OH MY GOODNESS, what a great book! It's a great Novella that goes with Katie's Network Saga series. Prana is the spoiled rotten jealous youngest sister of the gods and goddesses. She wants her way. The witches of Alkarra are her playthings and her big sisters do not like that very much. Read this and get to know her. You will LOVE it!!

Garrett Zeien
great listen

This is another fun novella. Katie did a great job giving more back story to the goddesses manly prana. This story goes over a wide time period that weaves in and out to the main books stories. You can tell the way katie reads the book she really had fun with this character. I find myself almost feeling sorry for prana and the position she has put herself in. I cant decide if she is someone you would like to help or say you made this mess clean it up and when your done cleaning you will still have to pay for your actions. We will see what I land on as more books come out. I hope you give this one a shot and enjoy it as much as I did.

Katie brings life to a goddess who's more than a little naughty

Prana is wickedly delicious to listen to when Katie is the Narrator.
Katie brings so much fun and heart into a goddess that may be considered a villian by most.
As a companion Novella for those who love the Network Series and Saga and Dragonmasters Triology, this is great book to dive deep into Prana's world. For new comers to Alkarra it contains spoilers so beware.
Katie does not disappoint in this story bringing the mayhem of Prana's involvement to light with her lyrical tones, leaving me wanting more.
I'm ready for the next installment.

Jane Olinick
A journey into the mind of a goddess

Just like Katie’s other novellas, “Prana” takes us deeper into her tale. We’re treated to the adventures of this insidious goddess.
Getting to hear the story in the author’s voice is also a treat. Pronunciations and intonations flow naturally.

Great background story

The Prana novella helps us to delve into the psyche of a goddess. A lot of background is given in this story that answers questions about the goddess' relationships and how they tie into Bianca. Katie's narration of the audiobook is clearly performed as an author who personalizes her characters.