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Regina (Novella #9 in the Network Saga)

Regina (Novella #9 in the Network Saga)

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Nothing defeats Regina Fontaine, Head of Masters. 

Life in the Northern Network has taken a turn for the worst. 

Paranoid High Priestess Geralyn has closed Northern Network borders in a tyrannical move to close all ties with their lower counterparts.

Isolationism has returned.

Regina doesn't like it. 

When Geralyn's bid for power takes on a murderous slant, circumstances force Regina to make a decision: keep silent and protect her Network, or stand against a dictator and lose everything. 

REGINA is the eight novella in the Network Saga. This breathless novella will take you deeper into the heart of giant mountains, and the witches that call the Northern Network home.

Customer Reviews

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Jane Olinick
I want to be Regina

The short stories, novellas, that Katie writes are great. They let you get to know the characters better.
Regina is so much more than I imagined. She’s a strong, good woman with a full life on the verge of….

Now I know Regina more

Love this book and Regina's character. Made me think of another character in the High Priestess who was someone who didn't know all the power she could have to help others.


I was totally blindsided by the turn this novella took. I don’t want to spoil anything, but if you’ve read The Forgotten Gods, then Regina is a must read!!!

Regina is amazing

I loved learning more about Regina and seeing her relationship with Derek unfold. Katie Cross is an amazing story teller and her books keep me wanting more. I can't wait for the next one to come out and the one after that. Regina filled in so many holes and really set the stage well for War of the gods!

Sushmita Srikant
REGINA - True Master!

I read this right after Derek because I couldn't wait to dive in to get to know the Head of Masters and what her backstory is. This book is full of surprises on the people that end up shaping her life. Its funny, witty, enchanting, romantic and will keep you up all night reading.