Regina (Novella #9 in the Network Saga)

Regina (Novella #9 in the Network Saga)

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Nothing defeats Regina Fontaine, Head of Masters. 

Life in the Northern Network has taken a turn for the worst. 

Paranoid High Priestess Geralyn has closed Northern Network borders in a tyrannical move to close all ties with their lower counterparts.

Isolationism has returned.

Regina doesn't like it. 

When Geralyn's bid for power takes on a murderous slant, circumstances force Regina to make a decision: keep silent and protect her Network, or stand against a dictator and lose everything. 

REGINA is the eight novella in the Network Saga. This breathless novella will take you deeper into the heart of giant mountains, and the witches that call the Northern Network home.

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Watch Out!

Regina is a Master and that's just the start!! She's feisty, tough, and fair. She loves her Network and works to keep it well as her country! You don't want to miss this book!!!


Katie Cross has masterfully written a tale of mystery, deception and self discovery within Alkarra. We witness the events occurring in “Derek” from Reginas point of view. We also get to meet the witch that has earned the respect and admiration from two of our favorite witches - Merrick and Derek Black. Trouble is brewing in the Network and a very capable band of witches are assembling to save each other and the Network!

Sandra H.
Regina is Awesome!

Regina is such a great short! I love Regina and I can't wait to see her part in the upcoming events. She is so strong and capable. I'm glad for the outcome with a certain someone too.

Loved it

I loved Regina! Another amazing book in this series! I love how we not only get to learn more about Regina and who she is, but also more about what’s going on in the North. I can’t wait to hear more about Regina’s future and the future of the north! 🤍

Regina is….

Bad ass!