Regina (Novella #9 in the Network Saga) | Audiobook

Regina (Novella #9 in the Network Saga) | Audiobook

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Nothing defeats Regina Fontaine, Head of Masters. 

Life in the Northern Network has taken a turn for the worst. 

Paranoid High Priestess Geralyn has closed Northern Network borders in a tyrannical move to close all ties with their lower counterparts.

Isolationism has returned.

Regina doesn't like it. 

When Geralyn's bid for power takes on a murderous slant, circumstances force Regina to make a decision: keep silent and protect her Network, or stand against a dictator and lose everything. 

REGINA is the eight novella in the Network Saga. This breathless novella will take you deeper into the heart of giant mountains, and the witches that call the Northern Network home.

Customer Reviews

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A more beloved friend!

I always liked Regina - she was a “good guy”. Now I have gotten to know her so much more and I love her! Thank you for doing it again, Katie. You share these characters with us so thoroughly I feel like they are right I’m front of me!

Northeastern high Priestess

I love Derek Black and haven’t seen enough of him lately. Regina is so strong but she will need help and who better to help her than Derek. Can’t wait to see where we go from here!!


Oh to spend some time getting to know Regina was such a treat! I loved getting to know her and being in the northern network some more. The firey red haired head of masters will stand by what she believes and is best for her kingdom. Oh and there is some Merrick and Derek mixed in as well!!

To Know Her is to Love Her

Katie has done a wonderful job of filling us in on who Regina is. She is a complex lady who knows what she wants and is more than willing to fight for it. Also to fight for the home she loves. She has strong roots and is a powerful Master with a shaky future. Things are happening in her world and it will take more than just Regina to get to the bottom of it so you can bet Derek Black will be backing her up. Take the dive into her story, you won't regret it!!

Regina face is growing unrest in her beloved Network

Narrated by the author herself!

Regina has spent her life being dedicated to the protection of the Northern Network and its High Priestesses. She loves living in its mountainous, desert terrain and her well-earned position as Head of the Masters.

Will the growing unrest in the place she calls home affect her future?