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Sisterwitches Book 6 | Audiobook

Sisterwitches Book 6 | Audiobook

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Healing For All 

Max doesn't see wraiths . . . but he does. 

After a near-death experience with the plague, memories of Max's mere and pere haunt him. He can't sleep, can't rest. When his aunt Serafina dies, he must come face-to-face with the truth—and the family—he's been avoiding for years.

Meanwhile in Letum Wood, the sisterwitches are struggling.

After Mam's death years before, tension has driven them apart. Only hard work, sacrifice, and vulnerable determination can pull them back together.

Unfortunately, Sanna's worst nightmare comes to pass. Poachers from the Southern Network have taken Luteis. It's up to her, Junis, Caeris, and Isadora to fly to the coldest clime in Alkarra to heal all wounds. 

Which positions Isadora to finally avenge the Dragonmaster name and prevent the families from splitting apart forever, something she's secretly longed for for years. 

Join our beloved Sisterwitches and Max in the next installment in THE SISTERWITCHES: Book 6. These slice-of-life stories will sweep you back to the world of the Dragonmaster and right into the heart of the witches we love best. 

Customer Reviews

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Kim Jones
Dragon Blood

Sisterwitches Book 6
Book 6 has you on the edge of your seat! Luteis is taken by poachers and it takes Isadora, Sanna plus some special dragons to find him. There is a surprise in why the poachers want Luteis and how Isadora helps (she even rides a dragon). Max deals with old emotional wounds as he tries to heal from loss. Again, as in these books, tissues are needed. Favorite quote “Little one, I have returned”.

Laila Savolainen
Katie brings it, what a thrill to listen to

The Sisterwitches have their witchy-warrior, adventuring kickass dials turned on to full tilt in this book. Katie's narration brings Alkarra and all her magic to life. I loved the interaction with the dragons, the delving into past and future, and the way Katie pulled the threads of magic that enriches not only this book but all of the Sisterwitches series and Alkarra...

A book about loss and new beginnings

A divide has formed between sisterwitches Isadora and Sanna over the past several years.

Max is called to a family member’s deathbed.

When a close friend is taken, the sisterwitches must work together to find them.

✨Magic✨ ✨ Witches✨ 🐉 Dragons 🐉 ✨Alkarra ✨