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Sisterwitches Book 8 | Paperback

Sisterwitches Book 8 | Paperback

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Until peace is achieved, one cannot know the future.

Charlie has always brought magic and mayhem to Maximillion's life, but when Torr is taken captive by a rival Western Network tribes, things are about to get even more exciting for the two beloved brothers. 

Meanwhile, the long-lost sea dragon Mushi whisks Sanna to the Eastern Network, embroiling her in the war between sea dragons and mermaids. 

Can Sanna assist the sea dragon's survival? Or will her interference create more problems? 

When Isadora receives The Complete History of Watcher and Defender magic, she can't wait to sit down and read.

Unfortunately, an unwinding dark magic, strange changes to the paths, and a lurking enemy encroach on her reading time—and her very life.

Join our beloved Sisterwitches and Max in the next installment in THE SISTERWITCHES: Book 8. These slice-of-life stories will sweep you back to the world of the Dragonmaster and right into the heart of the witches we love best. 

Customer Reviews

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Laila Savolainen
Magic calls to me...Katie answers

I adore magic, dragons, Alkarra and her inhabitants. Katie grabs me, my heart and my breath and promises me adventures, magic and connection. Which she once again has delivered with delicious language and visual delights. This story brings all the feels, and leaves me both sated and wanting the next installment. I also look forward to other stories that are crying to be Written amid this series, as fast as Katie answers questions, Alkarra offers more mystery to explore...

From old faces to new faces & places

Award-winning author Katie Cross brings the Magic of Alkarra to us again in book eight of ten in the Beloved Sisterwitches series.

From the desert to the sea, this novel brings us back to old friends and introduces us to new faces and new places.

This book was written by a master of her craft and packs a punch—or three. With epic twists and turns it will leave you with all the feels and wanting more.

✨Magic✨ ✨ Witches✨ 🐉 Dragons 🐉 ✨Alkarra ✨