The Finales (A Collection of Novellas) | Paperback

The Finales (A Collection of Novellas) | Paperback

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Never underestimate the power of united Alkarra.

WAR OF THE GODS might have been the last novel in the Network Saga, but the stories aren't over yet. 

Join Baxter, Regina, Derek, Ava, Leda, Hiddleston, Priscilla, and Alina as they close out their stories (for now!) in the epic tale of united Alkarra. 

All the details, all the questions, all the excitement can be found in these pages. 

THE FINALES is a collection of novellas in the Network Saga. This sprawling novel-length book will drive right into the heart of the final battle over Letum Wood and so much more.

Experience the epic ending—and all it's complicated results—in a way you've never read before.

Customer Reviews

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Carol Long
And It's a Wrap

The beautiful ending to a adventure series that will thrill you and keep you guessing! It will answer all of your questions that you may have after reading War of the Gods. It has plot twists, turns, heart-wrenching, hope, and love. It is beautifully written and will keep you turning the pages until you fall asleep and then you will pick up again as soon as you awaken!!

I was enthralled and captivated...

I devoured this collection of novellas.
And although I was sated, I still want more Alkarra. While answering the questions of what was happening out of our view while Bianca magic-ed her way through War of the Gods, Katie has skillfully laid clues and magical foundations that have me asking the fun questions. What comes next? My heart has been on such an emotive adventure and thrilling journey through the Network Saga Series. Katie's writing is superb as she brings her world into mine.