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The Forgotten Gods (The Network Saga, Book 3) | Paperback

The Forgotten Gods (The Network Saga, Book 3) | Paperback

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Never Underestimate the Power of a Distant Witch.

Bianca Monroe has one goal in mind when she heads to the land of the gods: convince the god of fire, Ignis, to take his magic back.

How hard could it be?

Yet, Alaysia is not the hellscape she expected. 

In fact, it's better. 

While Bianca battles rogue demigods and new landscapes, the god of fire whispers promises of eternal power, easy magic, and the salvation of Alkarra. Treachery thrives at every hand in the land of the gods, leaving her unsure who to trust.

Meanwhile, one questions plagues her daily: should she give loyalty to the god of fire that resides with in her? 

Or to the goddess she doesn't know? 

The Forgotten Gods is the third book in the Network Saga. This tale of epic magic and wild places will sweep you to a whole new world—the land of the gods—while it takes your breath away.

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Welcome to Alaysia

If you haven't read Katie's Network Saga from the beginning you may want to start there for context reasons before landing here. However, if this is where you discover the magic that is Katie Cross you absolutely can't go wrong. Bianca is learning things about herself that are causing more questions than answers. Can she be true to herself? Where does her loyalty lie? Is the power of god magic going to her head and steering her down paths she maybe shouldn't take? Who can she trust? Discover all the answers along side Bianca in this whirlwind story. You won't be able to put it down. I dare you to try