The Full Katie Cross Network Series Collection - Katie Cross

The Full Katie Cross Network Series Collection

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*The FULL Network Series*

This collections includes all four novels in the Network series + the prequel + an omnibus collection of short stories.

Join Bianca Monroe and her friends as they navigate war and the difficulties of growing up together in this clean, gripping YA fantasy series.

Inside this The FULL Katie Cross Network Series Collection you'll find the following novels:

Mildred's Resistance

Miss Mabel's School for Girls

The Isadora Interviews

Alkarra Awakening

The High Priest's Daughter

War of the Networks

Short Stories from the Network Series

Short Stories from Miss Mabel's

Reviews for the first book, Miss Mabel's School for Girls:

#1 spot on Kobo YA and Fantasy lists

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"Inspiring, compelling saga from start to finish."

" In this Omnibus Collection, the full wonder of The Network Series can be appreciated in one amazing reading indulgence."

"If you like books like HP, LoTR, Divergent, Hunger Games, and other fantasy/adventure stories gotta read the Network Series!!!!!"

"I hated for the series to end. These books are more than fantasy. There are life lessons embedded within the pages!"

"A strong fantasy series with complex characters and interesting plots. The heroes are more than good and the villains are more than evil. Pure brilliance."