The Goddess (Prequel #4) | Audiobook

The Goddess (Prequel #4) | Audiobook

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Choose Your Enemies. 

Written and Narrated by Katie Cross.

An excerpt: 

“Prana,” I called, “we’re here.”

The sea goddess materialized a few steps away. Her queer, slanted eyes, the exact color of the ocean, blinked. Black hair rippled around her waist, appearing wet and kinked with curls. Smooth, like oil, and shimmery. 

She propped hands on wide hips, regarding us through her slitted, sharp gaze. An emerald dress ran from shoulder to ankle, not unlike seaweed in color and appearance. The palette paled her profile as she sneered in my direction. 

“The pain in my side has come.”

I opened my mouth to counter, but a firm pinch from Sanako stopped me. Prana’s attention slipped to Sanako. Largely, she seemed unsurprised by Sanako’s presence. 

Which surprised me greatly. 

Bringing a friend along had been an unknown factor that Prana might not have appreciated. 


Sanako spread both hands to her side, palms out. She bent at the knees, head tipped down until she faced the ocean floor. Hair dangled nearly to the sand. Her voice remained low and steady when she spoke.

“Goddess of the Sea.”

Intrigue glittered in Prana’s gaze as she regarded Sanako, then me. One long, twisting eyebrow rose in question. I locked my body in position. We stared at each other. Though she began to tremble, Sanako didn’t readjust. 

“You are admitted,” Prana said imperiously. 

* * * 

The Goddess is the fourth of four short stories that are prequels to WAR OF THE GODS, the final book in the Network Saga. 

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Love to Hate

Prana is a goddess we love to hate. We’ll see how Sanako will play into future stories with Prana. What is the relationship of the goddesses?

Hold Your Breath!

Ah, Prana, that snarky goddess we love to hate or is it hate to love? Like it or not, Prana needs Bianca's help to fix the problem she created. She's always got something up her wavy sleeves and Prana being so close to Sanako may not be as good a thing for Sanako as she thinks.