The Lamplighter's Daughter (Short Story #2 in the Network Saga)

The Lamplighter's Daughter (Short Story #2 in the Network Saga)

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A Short Story in the Network Saga

In Alaysia, magic is power.

The gods keep that power for themselves and give it only to a direct child of theirs, a demigod.

Greedy beings, I’ve always hated them.

That leaves us mortals scraping out a life on the islands, without magic. There are mermaids that want to kill us and steal our fish, not to mention storms, starvation, and illness.

For me, though, it’s different: I’m not supposed to be here.

With my demigod mother Christa, and a lamplighter father, I can tolerate magic. Like other children of demigods that can stand the power, I should have been given to the demigods for them to watch and control. Just in case I wanted it myself.

Of course I don’t—who would? It’s a burden. A destroyer. A beast.

Years ago, the Tester, Bram, lied about me and said I held no ability at all. He let me live my life with Tama and Christa in relative peace . . . until now.

Bram is back.

He wants payment for his lie, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make me his slave so he can bring more mortals into his influence. He’d even turn me over to Ventis, my grandfather, the god of wind. The god I hate more than anything else.

Fortunately, Christa isn’t going to go down without a fight.

Neither am I.

THE LAMPLIGHTERS DAUGHTER is a standalone novella that can be read at any time but is best read after THE LOST MAGIC, the first book in THE NETWORK SAGA.

Travel away from Alkarra and across the sea, over to the land of mortals,
in this exciting short story.

Customer Reviews

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I just got done listening to this book and thought it was awesome! Katie did an excellent job reading it. I enjoyed hearing Avas story and hearing more about the gods and demigods. It was good to have the explanation in more detail on how Ava left her land and ended up with Bianca.

Susan Jackson
A teaser

Can’t wait for the book

So short but so good

Love this short tale. One of here best and makes you want the next book. Amazing how fast she builds a connection to Ava and you want to see more through her eyes