The Lamplighter's Daughter (An Audiobook Novella in The Network Saga)

The Lamplighter's Daughter (An Audiobook Novella in The Network Saga)

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Narrated by Katie Cross

An Audiobook Novella in The Network Saga

In Alaysia, magic is power.

The gods keep that power for themselves and give it only to a direct child of theirs, a demigod.

Greedy beings, I’ve always hated them.

That leaves us mortals scraping out a life on the islands, without magic. There are mermaids that want to kill us and steal our fish, not to mention storms, starvation, and illness.

For me, though, it’s different: I’m not supposed to be here.

With my demigod mother Christa, and a lamplighter father, I can tolerate magic. Like other children of demigods that can stand the power, I should have been given to the demigods for them to watch and control. Just in case I wanted it myself.

Of course I don’t—who would? It’s a burden. A destroyer. A beast.

Years ago, the Tester, Bram, lied about me and said I held no ability at all. He let me live my life with Tama and Christa in relative peace . . . until now.

Bram is back.

He wants payment for his lie, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make me his slave so he can bring more mortals into his influence. He’d even turn me over to Ventis, my grandfather, the god of wind. The god I hate more than anything else.

Fortunately, Christa isn’t going to go down without a fight.

Neither am I.

THE LAMPLIGHTERS DAUGHTER is a standalone novella that can be read at any time but is best read after THE LOST MAGIC, the first book in THE NETWORK SAGA.

Travel away from Alkarra and across the sea, over to the land of mortals,
in this exciting short story.
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Can I listen on Audible? No, this will not allow you to listen through your Audible app.
How long is this book? One hour. 
Can I listen to this at any time? Yes! Though I recommend you listen to THE LAMPLIGHTERS DAUGHTER after listening to THE LOST MAGIC, which is the first book in the Network Saga.

Customer Reviews

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Lining up for more...

I am an avid audiobook consumer, and after devouring Lamplighters daughter intense story, Katie's narrating has placed her onto my favourite narrators list.
Katie doesn't simply read aloud she brings the story and characters to life. I was swept up into her beautifully crafted world. And look forward to more...


Loved Lamplighter’s Daughter. Captivating, dropping me into the environment and social constructs really well.

Susan Jackson

Love that Katie reads this. Christa and Bram go to war over Ava—she is a demigod child and now has and amulet—the mermaids are taking her—what will happen—what happened to her island and Thoma? Can/t wait for the Demigod book.

Lamplighter’s daughter review

Wow, 2 thumbs up!
My daughter and I listened to this book together and we absolutely loved it!
It was very well written and you are an excellent narrator!!


It’s only right that Katie’s voice should tell the story. I loved the insight into Alaysia and Gods and DemiGods. Now I just have to wait (Ugh) until The Rise of the DemiGods release! Thank you so much Katie