The School (Prequel #2)

The School (Prequel #2)

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Never Underestimate the Power of Ghosts. 

 Bianca hasn't been back to Miss Mabel's School for Girls since her initial confrontation with Mabel years ago. 

She doesn't want to go now, either. 

Ghosts live there. 

Ghosts she'd rather not grapple with, thank you very much. 

When Priscilla invites her to see the school, Bianca can't say no. What she finds when she arrives isn't what she expected.  

The School is the second of four short stories that are prequels to WAR OF THE GODS, the final book in the Network Saga. 

Customer Reviews

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I think this was my favorite out of the four prequels. Bianca deals with her ghosts as she returns to Miss Mabel’s school. Have your tissues ready.

Oh Bianca!

I’ve been waiting for Bianca to visit Priscilla’s school (formerly Miss Mabel’s). It was very emotional, but also wonderful!

Facing your fears is one thing, but facing your past can be even more daunting.

The Bianca Monroe that we have come to love and know as a fearless witch, who has faced Gods and Goddesses and stood up and confounded them. However when her friend Priscilla who is now starting Miss Priscilla's School for Young Girls in the school they both attended under Mable, the witch of the dark arts. Bianca has to face and relive one of the biggest disasters in her life. Thanks to her friend she finally faces those long gone demons and with Letum woods whispering support she realizes that things that she blamed on herself weren't hers at all. Friendship can help us all to get over problems in our lives. We just need to trust our friends who often understand much more than we give them credit.

Letting go

This is a very short story but powerful in the emotion the invokes. The story shows us the depth of friendship between Bianca and Priscilla with Priscilla helping Bianca move past a tragic time in her life, and Bianca’s struggle to deal with a horrific memory.

Time to be brave

Do you have demons? I know I do. Join Bianca as she is forced to face hers. You will feel the nerves, sadness and joy right along with her. Such a touching story and I'm glad that Katie has put it out in the world.