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War of the Networks (Audiobook Edition) - Katie Cross

War of the Networks (Audiobook Edition)

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Fourth Book in The Network Series

Narrated by: Becca Ballenger

With the Central Network entrenched in war and teetering on the brink of destruction, eighteen-year-old Bianca Monroe is determined to defeat Mabel’s powerful Almorran magic by finding the Book of Light.

During an attempt to save a burning orphanage, Bianca finds herself caught in a trap. Mabel kidnaps her, taking her to the hot sands of the Western Network where things are not as they seem.

Mabel is more dangerous—and unhinged—than she’s ever been before.

War of the Networks is the fourth and final book in the thrilling fantasy collection The Network Series. It’s a gripping tale about compassion, forgiveness, and surviving against all odds.

Customer Reviews

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Debbie K
Dragons and Magic with a little War on the Side

Love Magic and Dragons?
I just finished War of the Networks and the entire Network Series. Oh My Goodness what an incredible journey! I cried a lot, laughed a lot, had some suspicions confirmed and loved them completely. Fantasy has never really been 'my genre' but I took a chance because I do love magic and I'm so glad I did! These books are so great and Katie has a great mind. She keeps you wanting more and more and to not put the book down until your eyes can take no more. I encourage you to read ALL of her books, you will never be sorry!!

Dana Delaney
War is never pretty

This book wraps up the Network Series but there is no pretty bow on top, only more questions. While the audio version still has references to Antebellum, versus the updated Alkarra, it does show the growth of the narrator, Becca Ballinger. The growth of the author, Katie Cross is apparent as well. Each character in Alkarra is so rich with depth, it makes the reader eager to keep reading to learn more. Listen to The War of the Networks. You won't be disappointed in the story, only that it ends.

Great finale

In this book I felt time slowed for you to become more entangled into the personalities if the Characters.
Was very emotionally capturing ones soul

Kim Jones
Roller Coaster of Emotions

Just finished War of the Networks audio, wow, what a roller coaster ride. Cheers and tears (have tissues ready), and finally compassion, Bianca goes through every emotion. So many surprises. Don’t miss this fourth book of Bianca.

Action! Suspense! Love!

So much goes on in this book, it can make your head spin! The author ties everything together yet leaves room for more stories to be imagined. I can't wait! If you've been reading/listening to the Network Series, you probably are very attached to at least some of the characters so this story can be a little emotional... Excellent narration by Becca!