Water and Light

Water and Light

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And Other Short Stories.

Let me tell you a little bit more about these very special stories.

The first two short stories were both featured in anthologies at various points in my author career. Both anthologies featured writers far more verbose than myself—which is a good challenge to have. 

The final two are gems taken from the Katie Cross vault—stories you've never heard before and won't find anywhere else.

Ahead of you awaits Water and Light, followed by the delectable, yet terrifying, Red Unicorn Candy Store. After that, you’ll sink into The Magician’s Assistant and close with The God Said Nothing. 

All of these stories have introductions to help you understand why I wrote them. Their unique origins are part of the charm of quick fiction that makes you feel.

Even better, they're only available right here.

Can't wait to hear what you think.




NOTE: the short stories in this collection aren't at all related to my fantasy world of Alkarra. They're outside my typical world—which makes them even more fun!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Michelle Mason
4 great short stories!

Ms. Cross Just keeps writing books you have to read. These four short stories are different from what she usually writes but well worth your time. Each stands alone. I did want more from The Magician's Assistant. Seems that one had more to say. Overall, though, very glad I read Water and Light.

Kim Jones
Short Stories

These four stories are not Katie’s usual YA books but you will enjoy them all the same. These four stories are little gems, which have a story within a story. You won’t regret this read.

Karen Mueller
A New Adventure

Katie Cross you are an amazing writer ‼️ Each story in this collection is a treasure. I don't want to spoil it for your other traders so I'll just say...go read this wonderful collection. And I hope, like me, that you enjoy every single story ‼️

Marcia Bailey

Awesome stories am left wanting more.

Dana Delaney
What a delightful surprise!

These short stories were a delight to read. As usual, Katie has taken the reader on a journey, tho this time leaving us wanting more!
Your only disappointment with this book is that it ends far too soon.