Chronicles of the Dragonmasters (Companion Novella to The Dragonmaster Trilogy) - Katie Cross

Chronicles of the Dragonmasters (Companion Novella to The Dragonmaster Trilogy)

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A Short Story Collection in the Dragonmaster Trilogy

The Old World is Destroyed.

Fans of the YA fantasy novel FLAME can dive deeper into dragon history with this stunning new short story collection.

Taken from records kept by long-lost witches, Chronicles of the Dragonmasters offers a glimpse behind the curtain of the Great Massacre and the controversial dragon hero Talis.

Or was he a hero?

Find answers to the burning questions left in FLAME and immerse yourself in the growing world of the forest dragons of Alkarra with Chronicles of the Dragonmasters.


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"Dragons, witches, and things that go bump in the night . . ."

"This is another winner by Katie Cross."

"I absolutely love Katie Cross books and this one did not disappoint!!"

"It was so interesting to get the back story of the dragon world through the eyes of different dragonmasters."

"If you LOVE Katie Cross and FLAME, you NEED this book."

"Instantly adored it!"

"I couldn’t put it down until I gobbled the whole book down!"

"Katie Cross, you did it again! I stayed up till 1 am reading your book and it left me feeling hungry for the next one!"

Customer Reviews

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Andy Gonzalez

This is such an interesting book! It’s like reading a multi person diary. Going back in history and learning about past events of a book you’ve read is always fun. If you’ve read the Dragonmasters trilogy, you will enjoy this book. If you haven’t, it won’t spoil the trilogy, but will help you understand it a bit better…
Loved it! Good read :o)

Kim Jones
Background Info

This is a great little book about the background of the dragons and the town of Anguis. Especially Talis and how/why he became the dragon he was.

Dana Harding
Very interesting read!

I loved reading the first person accounts of different dragonmasters unfolding the history of what happened before the dragonmaster trilogy. Fun easy read.

Sheriff Al
Parker, Sarai and other Dragonmasters

Parker is the Dragonmaster at the beginning of these Chronicles. He and several other Dragonmasters have kept these Chronicles. The Chronicles continue the history of the Dragons and the Dragonmasters.Characterization and plotting are good.

Krystina S.
The backstory of Letum Wood will change everything you know about the dragons and their providers.

Well. In Book 1, we learned about two sisters, one who became immersed in magic, and the other who became paired with a wild dragon. We saw how Talis, the head dragon, reigned over Letum Wood with an iron claw and no mercy. Is their god real, or did he invent it? Why are no dragons allowed to fly, except Talis? Why are the people not allowed to use magic, and why do they hunt for the dragons? Are they dragon servants? The Chronicles flips our paradigm UPSIDE-DOWN. We see what has made Talis who he is. We even see a name which we already learned about in Book 1, a mysterious statesman and mentor.... I am on the edge of my seat, this backstory has given me so much information, has blown my mind, and I can't WAIT to read Dragonmaster 3!!! I am utterly enthralled! Buy this as soon as you finish Book 1! You will see everything with new eyes-- many questions answered, yet the mystery is only deepened!!!!