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The High Priestess - Katie Cross
The High Priestess | Book 1 in The Historical Collection
The High Priestess | Book 1 in The Historical Collection

The High Priestess | Book 1 in The Historical Collection

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The First Book in
The Historical Collection

Wealthy landowners own the Eastern Network, so uneducated witch Vittoria Gutia isn't about to make any waves.

She either works as a lavanda maid, or she and her beloved nephew starve to death.

That sort of math is pretty simple.

When an unexpected savior lands in her lap, fate falls with him. La Salvatorra—Giver of Justice—beckons her with him.

To save her nephew, Vittoria takes the reckless Landowners' soon-to-be-disastrous offer. She's thrust into a glittering new court, a world without conscience, and the burden of saving her entire Network.

Can Vittoria save her witches by focusing on what matters most? Or will the world of power and men cast her aside like the lavanda maid she was raised to be?

THE HIGH PRIESTESS is the first novel in the Historical Collection. This exhilarating tale of first love and tyranny will sweep you to a new place.

Customer Reviews

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Captivating Story

I enjoyed The Dragonmaster recently. I was tickled to read The High Priestess too. The story is captivating and filled with twists and surprises.

Magic & Intrigue

Katie does a wonderful job drawing her reader into a unique world addressing some familiar challenges humanity has faced over time when it comes to equity and class struggle. She expertly crafts a complex plot with a few surprises without bumping the reader out of the narrative at any time. Vittoria is a strong heroine with a good heart. Mateo is an intriguing hero whose tenacity complements Vittoria’s growing courage and inner strength. I love the theme of being kind and caring for others that continually runs throughout the book. The slow burn romance between Vittoria and Mateo is sweet and takes the entire book to develop which definitely makes this book YA audience friendly while adults can also enjoy the narrative.

Kim Jones
Mateo and Vittoria

This is one book you will not want to pass up. Katie Cross at her best! Twists, turns and surprises await you as you follow Vittoria and Mateo on the road that leads to change. Watch as Vittoria finds her courage to step up to her full potential and power. You won’t want to put this book down. Excellent!

Epic Wild Touching Action-packed a must

I was swept up and away into the World of Alkarra with the High Priestess. It has all the feels for me, I felt like I was in an action movie and had to stay until the end so I wouldn't miss a thing. The characters are rich and complex, and the twists and turns were fun and torture in the best ways.
This novel is within the timeline of other Katie's books, yet it is a stand alone novel that has left this reader spent and satisfied.

Kathryn Bingham
Prevailing Honor

While this reflects a world of fantasy and magic, there’s a lesson here. When we divide and name groups of “others,” the possibility of partnering with respect, understanding, and—yes—honor diminishes. How do we best unite? In Alkarra, magic sparks our imagination and vision.