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The Isadora Interviews (A Companion Novella to The Network Series) - Katie Cross
The Isadora Interviews | A Companion Novella to The Network Series
The Isadora Interviews | A Companion Novella to The Network Series

The Isadora Interviews | A Companion Novella to The Network Series

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A novella in The Network Series

Can be read at any time in the Network Series.

Isadora can see into the heart of every witch she meets.

She's a quiet, old Watcher living alone in the fog-strewn forest of Letum Wood. Her magical power is great, but her foresight is even greater.

As a Watcher, Isadora has the ability to see into future possibilities, a talent that makes her the perfect guardian of the prestigious Miss Mabel’s School for Girls. Any witch that wants to enter the school must first pass an interview with Isadora. No secret insecurity or sinister motivation can be hidden from a Watcher, as four teenage girls will soon find out.

This sweeping novella will whisk you into the past, when Leda, Camille, Michelle, and Priscilla are interviewed by the infamous Watcher Isadora. 

With Isadora, nothing is as it seems . . . 

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Customer Reviews

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Kathryn Bingham
Everyone has a role

Any fan of Katie Cross likely appreciates the strong heroine of Bianca throughout the Network Series and Saga stories. The Isadora Interviews share the backstory of other important female characters, central to Bianca’s experiences at Miss Mabel’s and beyond. Just as no two readers are fully alike, each of these girls/young women bring unique strengths and foibles and contributions. Pour yourself a cup of tea, settle in, and have fun discovering something new…

Isadora is such a mystery…

Enjoyed the interviews of the characters I was interested jaja but still have some to read… will read the few stories I missed though… Fun to see Isadora’s different interactions with each person…