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The Return | Reader Request Short Story #5
The Return | Reader Request Short Story #5

The Return | Reader Request Short Story #5

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Merrick. Is. Back. 

Merrick knows one thing: he cannot think about Bianca Monroe, say her name, or see her in person.

Then he's assigned the objective to attend the annual, week-long Celebration in the Central Network to search for the demigod Jote and protect his High Priestess, Geralyn.

Instead, he finds Bianca.

This time, he's not going to run away, nor let her go.

Read THE RETURN, the fifth short story in the Reader Request story, and a highly anticipated re-telling of the events in THE LOST MAGIC, but from Merrick's perspective.

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Andy Gonzalez
Oh how I have missed you!

I had no idea how much I missed Merrick till I read this book! Hahaha I love Merrick! It has been a couple of books after the Network saga ended… This short story only makes me love him even more! To see him be such an honorable, compassionate, in love man… if you have read the Network series and saga, you will just read this up in a minute… Merrick’s point of view is always so insightful… and leaves you at the last page wanting more to magically apear…

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Bright Book Reviews
From Merrick’s Perspective

Travel through time from Merrick’s perspective during events taking place in The Network Saga.

✨Magic✨ ✨ Witches✨ ✨Alkarra ✨

“Inevitability worked as hard as time”