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The Wander | Reader Request Short Story #4
The Wander | Reader Request Short Story #4

The Wander | Reader Request Short Story #4

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Merrick and Bianca . . . before the heartache.

The battle with Mabel and Almorran magic is over, and the Central Network reeling in the aftermath of the Mansfeld Pact breaking. 

Derek Black recovers his strength, while Bianca mourns her sword and looks to an uncertain future. 

Which is precisely when Merrick whisks her away to the Southern Network to find Andrei, the swordmaker that created her beloved sword, Viveet. 

It's about more than just Viveet, however. 

Merrick has something he wants to say.

THE WANDER is the fourth story in the Reader Request series, a collection of stories requested by, and written for, Alkarrans from all over the world.

Customer Reviews

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Andy Gonzalez
My dear Merrick

My goodness, I love reading Merrick’s side of things… it’s like getting to know him even more. Loved it!!

Kim Jones
I Love You

This book about Merrick and Bianca takes them to the Southern Network in search of Andrei, the Swordmaker. Bianca’s beloved Viveet was shattered in the war and Merrick takes her to find Andrei is see if he can repair her. But Merrick has other motives for taking Bianca away, he wants to spend time with her and tell you something very important. Find out what.

Laila Savolainen
Intimate telling

Told from Merrick's point of view, this story gives the reader a glimpse into the choices Merrick has and will make in both Network series and Network Saga. It's an intimate and compelling story, especially for those of us who love Bianca and Merrick's journey.